Coronation Street Spoilers: Sophie’s upset for Maddie, Carla plays cupid between Rob & Tina & Andrea’s smitten with Steve! (VIDEOS)

by Lynn Connolly
sally, sophie, maddie coronation street (2)

sally, sophie, maddie coronation street (2)

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street are – as we head rapidly towards Valentine’s Day – all about love and heartbreak, and there’s plenty of it to go round it seems!

The drama begins on Monday, 3 February when we see the Sophie Webster and her mum Sally have followed homeless teen Maddie to a rundown block of flats, and intrigued as to what she’s doing there, Sophie and Sally knock on the door of the flat they saw Maddie go into…

However, they’re left feeling ashamed of their amateur sleuthing when Maddie’s mum panics, thinking that they’re social workers who’ve come to take Maddie’s little brother Ben away.

Maddie tries to calm her mum down as Sophie explains that she’s a friend of Maddie’s, but we then learn that Ben has run away from the foster home where he was placed, and as Sophie and Sally’s hearts soften towards the troubled teen, she slams the door in their faces.

Here’s a sneak peek…

Next, on Wednesday 5th February, Carla turns matchmaker by inviting both Rob and Tina McIntyre to dinner at the Bistro, without either being aware that the other will be there…

peter, tina, rob, carla coronation street (14)

Fans of the show will know that Rob and Tina kissed recently, which angered Peter Barlow so much – he is of course having an affair with Tina – that he nearly punched Rob over it, citing the fact that Rob’s girlfriend Tracy is his sister as the reason for his outburst.

But of course, it was the green-eyed monsters rather than sibling protectiveness that prompted him to lash out at Rob.

However, when Tina arrives and realises that Carla’s playing cupid, she’s at first keen to leave in order to escape the awkwardness, but as Peter smiles and taunts her, she might just change her mind!

Here’s a look at that…

And finally, on Friday 7th February, we’ll see smitten kitten Andrea following Steve outside to the pub’s smoking area to ask him what’s going on between him and Michelle…

steve, andrea coronation street (2)

Her question comes after she finds out that he spent the night on the sofa, and while squirming somewhat, Steve confesses that Michelle booted him from their bedroom after he told her he was jealous that his two best mates – that is Andrea and Lloyd – are so close.

However, will Andrea misinterpret Steve’s words and assume he has feelings for her?

We’ll find out soon, but for now, here’s a look at that drama…

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