Coronation Street Spoilers: Three lives are in danger as fire rips through the Rovers! Who’ll make it out alive? (PICTURE SPECIAL & VIDEO)

coronation street fire rovers 2013

Corrie fans will of course be eagerly awaiting the latest disaster plot to hit the Street – or at least, those of us who like our blood thirst quenched in a sanitized pre-watershed fashion are – which is of course the much publicized fire that’s set to raze the Rovers to the ground!

We of course already know that Sunita Alahan is going to die as a result of the fire – as Shobna Gulati, who plays her is leaving the show – but it remains to be seen whether the flames will claim another, or even two more lives.

The drama begins on Monday, March 18th when, after Stella’s words of warning about reuniting with Sunita hit home, Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) calls off the reunion, telling Sunita it was a mistake to think they could ever repair the damage done when she had an affair with Karl Munro (John Michie).

A distraught Sunita then looks for solace in the bottom of several bottles of booze before confronting her arch nemesis Stella (Michelle Collins) and berating her for making Dev call off their relationship.

stella, sunita, coronation street

Later, Stella attends the Full Monty night at the Bistro, however, after the row with Sunita, she leaves the event early and decides to have an early night…

In the second of Monday night’s episodes, while an oblivious Stella is upstairs, a fire takes hold downstairs, setting off the alarm.

In the cellar – which is where Sunita headed after her row with Stella – Sunita regains consciousness and tries to escape, but she’s overpowered by smoke and collapses.

sunita alahan, coronation street

Across the road, as the Full Monty reaches its climax and the lads are about to reveal all, Norris (Malcolm Hebden) rushes in and frantically yells that the pub’s on fire!

full monty, coronation street

Gloria (Sue Johnston), Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) and Leanne (Jane Danson) race across the road and are hysterical as they realise Stella’s trapped in the pub.

rovers fire coronation street

Karl’s then horrified to see Stella banging on the window, and while Paul (Tony Hirst) has to hold Jason (Ryan Thomas) back, insisting they wait for the fire brigade, Karl sneaks round the back and lets himself into the flame filled pub.

karl munro, coronation street

However, as he gets to Stella, the burning staircase gives way, trapping them both as the flames and killer smoke build.

On Wednesday 20th March, as the Rovers burns, onlookers are horrified to see Karl’s face at the window as he and Stella plead for help.

stella price, coronation street

Anxious to do something, Jason grabs the ladders from the builder’s yard but Paul and Toni tell him to wait while insisting on entering the burning pub themselves…

The fire brigade then arrive and they find Sunita, but as they pull her seemingly lifeless body out of the pub, a massive explosion rocks the street.

Have Paul and Toni managed to get Stella and Karl out in time?

rovers fire explosion, coronation street

We are of course sworn to secrecy, however, though there won’t be an episode on Friday 22nd March, there is a double-bill airing on Sunday night instead, when the full extent of the disaster will be revealed!

For now, here’s a look at the rest of the dramatic fire images, followed by a clip of this week’s episodes…

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