Coronation Street Spoilers: Tina’s back & Tracy finds out she kissed Rob! Plus, Lloyd’s smitten with Andrea! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly
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In the first of a double-bill of episodes of Corrie that air on Monday, 3 February, an embarrassed Tracy tells Rob that Norris refused to serve her until their paper bill is paid, so Rob soon comes up with a plan and later, he pays the bill in pennies, which of course infuriates Norris!

Meanwhile, Tina arrives back on the cobbles with the intention of collecting the last of her things from the flat before heading back to London for good…

However, Tina soon bumps into Carla, who quizzes her about why she’s so determined to leave, and keen to throw her off, Tina tells Carla that the kiss with Rob prompted her to realise she needs to make a fresh start.

Neither woman realises that Norris was ear-wigging, but he’s delighted that he now knows something Tracy doesn’t. So when Tracy later has another dig at him, will Norris spill what he knows?

Elsewhere, Sophie meets up with Maddie on the Red Rec and she soon broaches the subject of their kiss…

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However, when Sally arrives, a panicked Maddie runs off, leaving Sophie frustrated and annoyed with her mum. But soon, Sophie and Sally decide to follow Maddie and the trail leads to a flat Maddie to a flat in a rundown part of town…

Back on the street, when Eileen and Todd refuse to stop quizzing him, Lloyd confesses that he fancies Steve’s college friend Andrea, but when Lloyd later asks Steve for Andrea’s phone number, Steve refuses to hand it over, and Michelle wants to know why!

And finally, Dev and Kal go to see a unit that’s available for rent on Victoria Street with a view to making into a new gym, but it soon becomes clear that there’s no way they can work together.

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In the second episode, a gloating Norris is overjoyed as he regales Tracy with the news that Tina and Rob have been “carrying on” behind her back.

At first, Rob denies it, but Tracy doesn’t believe him, and when she confronts Tina, she finds out that what Norris said was true. Tracy’s devastated and angry, but will she end her romance with Rob over it?

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Elsewhere, when Maddie’s troubled mother mistakenly assumes Sally and Sophie are social workers who are there to take her son away, Maddie patiently tries to calm her mum down, promising her that Sally and Sophie are friends of hers and not from social services.

Later, even Sally’s hardened heart is softened when Maddie has to take her brother back to the foster home that he ran away from, and it’s clear to both Sally and Sophie that Maddie’s heart is breaking. They invite Maddie to come back with them to the street for dinner, but will Sophie confess to Maddie how she really feels about her?

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Meanwhile, Lloyd’s left red-faced when Andrea finds out that he was mithering Steve for her phone number, but Steve’s then put out when Andrea makes it clear to Lloyd that she’d love to go out with him sometime.

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And finally, Phelan joins Owen and Anna to toast the impending start of the mill project, while Dev and Kal ask Jason to give them a quote for fitting out their new gym.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

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