Coronation Street star Georgia May Foote says of Katy Armstrong’s fling with Ryan Connor, “It’s not love, it’s lust!” (VIDEO)

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Fans of Coronation Street will surely know that young Katy Armstrong is about to embark on a fling with bad lad Ryan Connor (Sol Heras) which is inevitably going to end in tears when her soon to be fiancé – unless he calls the engagement off before it’s begun – Chesney finds out…

However, in an interview with the Radio Times, Georgia May Foote, who plays teen mum Katy, has revealed that her character’s dalliance with Ryan is based on lust, not love.

When asked if Katy’s fallen out of love with Chesney (Sam Aston) or if their relationship has gone stale, Georgia said, “I think she’d been plodding along as usual until she went out with her friends.

“That’s when she started to think differently. It made her realise that she doesn’t get any attention off Chesney and that maybe there’s something more out there for her.”

When asked if Katy regrets having baby Joseph while still a schoolgirl, Georgia said, “I don’t think she necessarily regrets it, but I think she’s aware that she wants more in life.

“She does say at one point that maybe she wants more than being settled with a baby.

“She’s ready for everything that she’s missed out on.”

As to when Ryan first came onto Katy’s radar, Georgia explained, “It was only when her friends started to make a fuss of him that she actually started to look at him differently.

“And then, of course, when he started to be nice to her.

“He paid her attention as a friend and then started to compliment her to the point where she got butterflies – it was then that she started to really like him.”

ryan connor, katy armstrong, coronation street

As we reported yesterday, during one of their illicit jaunts, Gary Windass (Mikey North) spots Katy and Ryan together, and correctly puts two and two together to reach an unpalatable four.

Of that, Georgia remarked, “Gary actually confronts Katy about it on the night that she gets engaged to Chesney. So that makes it ten times worse.

“Perhaps if she hadn’t accepted Chesney’s proposal she could have persuaded Gary to keep it a secret, but saying yes winds Gary up even more.”

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She added, “When Gary has it out with Ryan, Chesney’s stood at the door listening.

“He’s already been a bit wary of Ryan, so he would be absolutely gutted if the whole truth came out.”

And finally, when asked why Katy accepts Chesney’s proposal if she’s unhappy in the relationship, Georgia said, “She feels as though she’s got no choice but to say yes because he asks her in front of everybody!”

She added, “If Ryan had never come along then she would have been happy with Chesney’s proposal and they would have stayed strong together.

“But as soon as Ryan starts showing her some interest she goes off the rails a bit!”

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We’ll see the drama play out in upcoming episodes, but for now, here’s a look at tonight’s show…

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