Coronation Street star John Michie says he thinks Karl Munro will get his comeuppance, but he doesn’t want to be axed!

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Fans of Coronation Street will know that so far, wicked Karl Munro is doing pretty well at hiding the fact that it was he who deliberately set fire to the Rovers, which of course left firefighter Toni dead and which will soon see his former lover Sunita Alahan shuffling off the mortal coil too…

However, while speaking to the Radio Times, John Michie, who of course plays Karl, has revealed that though he thinks his character will “get his comeuppance” for his evil deeds – which include setting Sunita up to look like the guilty party – he hopes he won’t have to leave the show when that happens.

When asked if we’ll see Karl punished, he explained, “Yeah, I think eventually the viewers will see him punished…

“But the way I’m playing it at the moment – and obviously I’m getting a lead from the writers here – is that he’s not a bad guy.

“But what he does have is this psychotic obsession with Stella that means he gets caught up in events.

“He might be the catalyst to start a single event like the fire but he doesn’t see it as his fault when, for instance, a burning beam collapses onto Toni.

“Where Sunita’s concerned, she turned up, they had an argument, she fell down the stairs and knocked herself unconscious…

“Karl went down there to try and save her, but realised that the fire was spreading too quickly. So in his mad world, he feels that it’s not his fault.

“And I think some of the audience will go along with that for some of the time, but then eventually I think the writing will be on the wall for him.”

And when then asked if Karl “has a shelf life” John replied, “Well, I’m loving being here and I hope the writers can come up with ideas that can spin the story out without it becoming too elongated.

“I think that with these kind of characters in these type of situations, there’s a finite amount of time that you can carry on.

“But as long as the writing is exciting and interesting then I’ll stay as long as they want me.”

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And finally, when asked if Karl’s villainy could get any worse, John said, “He’ll go as far as he needs to go to save his own skin and to save his relationship with Stella.

“The thing about Karl is that he operates on the spur of the moment. He’s very instinctive and almost childlike, so he doesn’t think hard enough.

“So if you have a character like that in the situation that he’s in, he could go to any length.”

Yikes! Here’s a reminder of his character’s act of arson…

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