Coronation Street star Kate Ford says Tracy’s romance with Rob Donovan is like having an affair! Spoilers! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

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As fans of Corrie probably know, Toxic Tracy Luv Barlow is set to embark on a romance with ex-con Rob Donovan, and Kate Ford – who plays Tracy – has revealed that filming the scenes in which her character seduces Rob have been rather much like having an affair!

Kate, who is of course happily married to TV producer Jon Connerty, also revealed that Rob (Marc Baylis) reminds Tracy of her former lover, Charlie Stubbs, who Tracy of course murdered.

Speaking to TV Biz, Kate began by saying, “Tracy has always had a good love life and she likes the fact she can ruffle feathers.

“There is a lot of banter with herself and Rob (played by Marc Baylis) and they end up getting together…

“He reminds her of Charlie Stubbs, whom she used to date — rough and ready.”

And of her remark that playing out Tracy’s romances can be like having an affair, Kate said, “I love the romance storylines. I have been married for five years now and so it’s nice.

“I can have another romance but it’s not real!

kate ford

“My husband certainly doesn’t mind. In fact, when I get home, we don’t even talk about work.

“I go straight into mummy mode and I am more likely to ask him what film we are watching or what’s for tea!”

And while discussing Tracy’s various lovers, Kate revealed that she’d found her character’s romance with toy boy Ryan Connor (Sol Heras) a tad awkward at times.

She said, “I got a bit nervous when it was my last storyline…

“I was acutely aware of the age difference and I can remember thinking, ‘Oh no, how awful’.

“It was because I felt I was not that young any more, that I was 35, more of a grown-up woman and he was much younger than me.

“But with Rob, at least he is more my age.”

Of Tracy, Kate added, “She is so vile. Sometimes when she is being really horrid, I ask everyone, ‘Why is Tracy so horrible?’ and they all go, ‘Because she is horrid!’

“It’s as if she is unhappy with her own life and so she is awful to everyone else.

“But I do love playing Tracy and I am always so grateful that I have been given this role.

“I have such a brilliant time on set and there are never any rows because we all have such a laugh.”

And finally, when asked if she would like to see Tracy “turn over a new leaf and live happily ever after” Kate replied, “I will leave the writers to come up with the storylines for Tracy…

“But I do think she could stay with anybody — so long as they let her behave a little bit badly.

“The reason why she stayed with Charlie is because she couldn’t walk all over him.

“But who knows what will happen with Tracy in the future?”

Here’s a look at Tracy handing a bemused Steve McDonald the signed divorce papers that he’s been after for months!

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