Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan on Tina’s affair with Peter & why she decides to leave Weatherfield! (VIDEO)

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Sadly, it’s not long now until we see Michelle Keegan in Coronation Street for the last time, because as fans of the show will know, her character, Tina McIntyre, is set to be murdered in what promises to be one of the show’s most exciting whodunits!

But ahead of filming her final scenes as Tina, Michelle has been talking to ITV about Tina’s affair with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and why the barmaid decides her only option is to leave Weatherfield for good…

Here’s the interview…

Q: How does Tina feel about Peter – is it love or lust?

She’s certainly never felt like this about anyone before and Peter plays on her mind all the time. Their relationship is very passionate and full of lust but I think Tina could be falling in love with him.

Q: Now that Peter’s a married man… Is she going to stay away from him?

The last thing Tina wants to do is hurt Carla or be the ‘other woman’ but she is so desperate to be around Peter, she just can’t help her self. She’s going to find it really hard to stay away from him.

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Q: Does Tina accept it’s over between them?

She gives Peter an ultimatum – he tells Carla the truth about them or she leaves. Peter refuses and she’s crushed. He tells her he doesn’t love her and he’s staying with Carla.

Q: What was all the flirting with Rob about… Was Tina just trying to make Peter jealous or does she really fancy Rob?

Rob’s a good-looking guy but she doesn’t fancy him like fancies Peter. I think she’s just trying to do anything to get her mind off him and that includes throwing herself at another man.

Q: Peter doesn’t like it… He thumps Rob and Tina goes to his flat to confront him. But her anger turns to passion, doesn’t it?

That’s the problem with Tina and Peter. Everything about them is passionate, raw, in the moment. They both want each other so much but Tina does feel the guilt afterwards.

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Q: She just can’t resist him, can she? Why?

Like I said – her emotions for Peter are raw. She wants him and she can’t stomach the thought of not having him. When she sees him with Carla, it makes her feel horrible. That’s why she feels the need to leave. She can’t trust herself around him and she knows she’s no hope of resisting him.

Q: Isn’t Tina worried about Tracy finding out that Rob is chasing her? She should be!

I don’t think she’s worried about Tracy at all. She’s the least of Tina’s worries. To be honest the only good thing to come out of this would be getting one over on Tracy.

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Q: And then there’s Carla… She’s got a nasty temper, too…

That’s not what worries Tina. She likes Carla and doesn’t want to hurt her. She wants Peter to tell Carla the truth because she’s guilty about what they’ve done.

Q: Peter starts treating Tina like someone who doesn’t matter to him… Is she hurt or angry or both?

Definitely both. She’s really hurt when he tells her he doesn’t love her anymore and she’s angry at him for letting her get close. She sees him with Carla and realises that leaving is the only way.

Q: And she turns to Liz! Why?

Liz noticed the flare between Tina and Peter when they first started flirting. She knows something is going on with them. I think Tina just feels the need to confide in someone and Liz is the only person she can think of.

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Q: Peter’s furious that she’s not his secret any more. What does he do?

He’s really angry with Tina and he can’t believe she’s told Liz. Tina’s so upset that Peter is only thinking about his marriage and not her. She thinks his a rat and tells him so.

Q: She says she’s off to London… Why? Just because of Peter or for lots of reasons?

She can’t be around him anymore. She has no control over her feelings for him; it’s so upsetting to want someone she can’t have. London seems like the only rational thing to do.

Q: Peter ends up in her flat… Is it to say goodbye…or for something else?

She’s so frustrated with him that she ends up smashing a glass. He takes her to the flat to clean up her cut but they just can’t resist each other. They go to kiss but are interrupted by a call from Carla…

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Q: Peter lies very easily to Carla…is Tina shocked?

She’s very shocked and sickened. She’s finding this so hard and can’t understand how Peter can easily switch from being so passionate with her to talking normally to his wife.

Q: Does she see Peter in a new light – or is the lying, cheating Peter what she finds so irresistible?

I think she’s shocked at Peter but she still finds him irresistible. Deep down she still wants him and that’s why she gives him the ultimatum.

Q: Does Tina feel at all guilty about what she’s doing to Carla?

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She feels so guilty at what she’s doing to Carla but her passion for Peter is bigger than any feeling of guilt. She knows she shouldn’t want him but she does.

Q: Will Tina really leave the Street if Peter doesn’t do what she wants?

It’s her only option. She can’t stand around and watch Peter and Carla together.

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We’re really going to miss Michelle as Tina. Will you?

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