Coronation Street stars banned from tweeting on-set for fear of giving away spoilers!

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It’s been revealed today that Coronation Street bosses have now banned the stars of the show from tweeting images of the soap’s new set for fear of unwittingly issuing spoilers!

The brouhaha began when Simon Gregson, who plays Steve McDonald, tweeted a picture of his co-stars Alison King, Kym Lomas and Craig Charles – who play the roles of Carla Connor, Michelle Connor and Lloyd Mullaney respectively – messing about in the studios while filming in the newly built Rovers Return set.

In addition, another pictures on Twitter featured Tony Hirst – who plays fireman Paul Kershaw – sitting in the pub, which as far as the viewers know right now, is a burned out shell!

The Sun’s TV Biz reports that bosses sent a memo to the cast detailing the ban of all mobile phones during filming.

tony hirstA show insider said, “The Twitter stuff has been getting out of hand recently, with people posting all kinds of photos which could be detrimental to the show.

“The bosses would rather people didn’t know what the Rovers looks like ahead of time, and these snaps clearly blew that.”

The paper adds, “The behind-the-scenes photo which revealed the pub’s new burgundy and cream interior, also showed character Paul at a table in the background.

“Viewers have seen the troubled fireman question his future in Weatherfield after splitting from love Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) in episodes last week.”

With the picture he posted, Simon added the caption, “Naughty friends at work. I give it three minutes before we’re told off!”

Of the gaffe, a Corrie spokesman said, “Mobile phones are not allowed on set as part of general studio protocol.

“The memo that mentioned this was not prompted by a specific incident.”

Here’s a look backstage on Corrie…

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