Coronation Street: Steve and Becky McDonald win big at the casino!

by Anna Howell

Monday sees long suffering Steve (Simon Gregson) and Becky (Katherine Kelly) MacDonald finally have a change in their awful luck, after a trip to the casino.

After a very taxing year for the pair, who have seen their finances come crashing down, just like the Viaduct, after buying nephew Max from Becky’s greedy sister, Kylie (Paula Lane) by maxing out credit cards and borrowing from Steve’s other business, Streetcars, followed by a desperate act of looting Dev’s corner shop, in order to pay off Kylie a second time, lady luck finally seems to be smiling on the pair.

They go to Weatherfield’s new casino, with friends Cheryl (Holly Quin-Ankrah) and Lloyd (Craig Charles), who is also co-owner of Streetcars, and win £5000 on roulette.

Whilst Becky is planning on what to spend the money on, and Lloyd is breathing a sigh of relief at the prospect of getting Streetcars loan back, Steve has other plans for the money.

After witnessing the demise of Dev’s (Jimmi Harkishin) business following the devestation of the tram crash, and the robbery of the safe in the aftermath (committed by Becky, unbeknown to everyone except Steve), Steve intends to give the money to the Alahan’s in order to help rebuild their livelihood (very convenient that the amount they win is exactly the same amount as Becky stole).

The question remains, how will Steve give the money over without raising suspicion of Becky’s guilt developing? We all know that Steve does not well cope will with a guilty conscience (remember his pathetic attempt to cover up his affair with Becky from Michelle, which resulted in a £7000 diamond engagement ring?), so could this mean the end of their horrible little secret?

With Tracy aware of their purchase, she is bound to be keeping an eye on any clues as to how they afforded it, which means with her involvement, this will probably not have a happy ending for anyone!

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