Coronation Street: Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts) reveals how Samia Ghadie and Jack P Shepherd entertain themselves at work!

by Anna Howell

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It seems that things aren’t all doom and gloom in Coronation Street, as Sue Nicholls has revealed the silly things that her two young co-stars get up to in order to amuse themselves on set.

Sue Nicholls has played Audrey Roberts in the soap for since 1979, and many of the years that followed she has played out the majority of her scenes in the hairdressing salon that her character owns.

Audrey has had many a junior stylist under her wing throughout the years, with the latest two being her on-screen grandson David Platt, played by Jack P Shepherd, and Maria Connor, played by Samia Ghadie, who she says make rude and filthy remarks and drawings in the ‘appointment book’ prop used for salon scenes.

Discussing her co-stars behaviour with the Sun newspaper, Nicholls explained:

“Sam looks such a sweet, beautiful girl, and then there’s my terrible but gorgeous grandson — but the things they write in it…

“I wouldn’t dare tell anyone. And the pictures have to be seen to be believed!

“I’ll be booking in Mrs Medhurst and open it in the middle of a scene and I can’t tell you.

“Jack P Shepherd is dreadful. I’m afraid there are a lot of out-takes of me laughing. They write terrible, rude jokes and the pictures — my God!”

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On the subject of the shows imminent move from its original Granada roots to the new set in Salford Quays MediaCity UK, Nicholls admitted that she found the prospect of the upheaval a little daunting to say the least:

“I won’t say what I said — you’d have to edit it. I only live a hop and a skip — literally a street — away from where we are at the moment.

“I’m not the best at getting up in the morning and I know I have now got to pull my socks — and tights — well and truly up and re-think my whole early morning programme.

“I hope they don’t put the salon scenes on first. I am sad to leave the old set, because it’s been part of my life for a long time. But the new set is fantastic and time goes on and you have to go with it.

“But I have fond memories of the old set — you can’t take that away from me.”

And as for a new dressing room partner, she added:

“I pity anyone that has to share with me — no one would cope.

“Other people have made their dressing rooms look really lovely, with little rugs.

“Mine is like bedsit land when I used to tour — things on the wall, pictures, and I can’t tell you what’s in the drawers. I’m dreading packing it up.”

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Nicholls is one of the shows longest serving cast members, having played Audrey for over 30 years, but despite her long service and anxieties about moving, she revealed that she has no plans to retire just yet, adding:

“I’m institutionalised and it’s lovely. And whatever happens in the Street — murders, attacks, bankruptcy — I love doing it.

“It’s an escape. And when I then have some time off I find the real world really very difficult to cope with.”

On the future of the show, she concluded:

“Coronation Street has tried to keep up with the issues of the day. And it’s to do with the stories and the characters. We try to keep it real. You have to believe that the character exists.

“As long as we can keep that up I can’t see why it wouldn’t last another 50 years.

“The show will go on; there isn’t a star.

“We all have our favourites, but people come, people go and the Street goes on — the Street is the star.”

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm with a one hour episode – Watch Sue discussing the new set in the clip below: