Coronation Street: Tracy Barlow will date sex pest Frank Foster

Coronation Street Tracy Barlow is soon to go on a date with business man sleazy Frank Foster.

The evil Weatherfield barmaid – played by actress Kate Ford – will try to win over the handsome entrepreneur, before he finds out about her criminal past.

However, Frank (Andrew Lancel) also has a secret and fails to divulge the fact that he recently sexually assault Maria Connor (Samia Smith). It doesn’t stay quiet for long and soon after hearing about the date the brunette beauty wastes no time in letting Tracy know exactly what her new man is like.

A ‘Coronation Street’ insider revealed: “There may be no love lost between Maria and Tracy, but she wouldn’t wish what Frank did to her on her worst enemy. Maria feels she has a duty to warn Tracy in case he tries the same thing with her.

“She couldn’t live with herself if something awful happened and she’d done nothing to stop it.”

Instead of taking Maria’s earnest advice, loudmouth Tracy goes running straight to slippery Frank and tells him exactly what she has said, something which Maria’s bolshie boss Carla Connor (Alison King) is unlikely to be too thrilled about.

The source added to Inside Soap magazine: “Frank’s furious that Maria’s warned Tracy off him. He storms over to the factory and warns Carla that, unless she keeps Maria under control, their business deal is off.

“Carla really needs this contract and can’t afford to lose it because of Maria’s personal issues with Frank. She makes her feelings perfectly clear by letting rip at Maria. Carla would have no qualms about sacking her from the job if that was the best thing for the business.”