Coronation Street: Tyrone nearly kills Kevin?

The bitter resentment Corrie’s Tyrone Dobbs has been building towards ex best friend, Kevin, spirals out of control in an up and coming story line – with dangerous consequences!

Tensions between the two best of friends and business partners started to rise after the revelation that Kevin (Michael Le Vell) had been having an affair with Tyrone’s (Alan Halsall) wife, Molly, and fathered her child, Jack.

Since then, refusing to be bought out of the business he was signed half of over by Kevin, at the peak of his guilt before the truth was revealed, Tyrone has gone out of his way to make life difficult for Kevin, and his dislike of him well and truly known.

Not content with taking liberties at work, with digs whenever possible, Tyrone took the feud to new levels when he informed Kevin’s estranged wife, Sally (Sally Whitaker) of Kevin’s lottery win fall, causing her to hault divorce procedures in order to secure her half of the money he has won.

Now, it seems, things are set to get even further out of control.

Kevin buys a new hydraulic lift for the garage, but insists, in a very childish playground type of way, that he is the only one allowed to use and forbids Tyrone to go near it.

Frustrated with this act of immature defiance, Tyrone loses his cool, after what he considers is another part of his life Kevin is trying to control, and takes a spanner to the instrument aggressively. With his anger taken out on the machine, Tyrone walks away from the lift, unaware that during the frenzy he has dislodged an important hydraulic fluid tube.

The lift collapses on kevin, causing him concussion and a broken collar bone. At first Tyrone is terrified that Kevin will die, mainly because he does not want to go to prison for manslaughter, but once Kevin recovers, Tyrone starts to be relieved for other reasons too.

When Kevin starts to threaten legal action against the manufacturers of the lift, Tyrone realises he has to confess his actions before an investigation reveals the truth and he is arrested, so he tells Kevin what he did.

Kevin see’s this as an opportunity to bury the hatchet, and after telling Tyrone he will not tell the police what happened, offers him a truce.

At first Tyrone is very reluctant, but Alan Halsall explains to Whats on TV: “At first he’s unsure. He believes he has a right to be bitter after everything that Kevin has put him through. But he decides he can’t carry on the way he is, angry and wallowing in self pity. Tyrone won’t forget and in a way he won’t forgive. But he’s ready to try and start moving on, for the sake of his business. After all, it’s the only thing he has left.”