Coronation Street’s Ben Price “Nick knows Leanne doesn’t love him”

In the wake of the reconciliation between former Coronation Street  husband and wife, Leanne Barlow and Nick Tilsley, Ben Price, the actor who plays Nick has revealed his character is aware that Leanne does not actually love him.

The couple, who had been having an affair behind Peter’s (Chris Gascoyne) before he married Leanne (Jane Danson) during a death-bed ceremony after the tram crash, surprised everyone last week, none more so than Leanne’s half sister Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) who was still getting over a split from Nick herself, by resulting in Leanne and her step son, Simon, moving into Nick’s flat.

However, Ben Price revealed on ITV’s This Morning that his character, who married Leanne back in the 90’s, is aware that she doesn’t really love him and is just settling for security for her and Simon.

Explaining how Leanne is still on the rebound following her break up with Peter, after he left her for her former best friend, Carla Connor (Alison King), when asked if the romance was true love on both parts the actor replied: “No, it’s not. He knows, though – he does know. I’ve got a business, I don’t drink, I’ve got my own bistro, I can do a great cappuccino – I’m stability, aren’t I?”

He continued: “She’s got a child now, and I said, ‘Fine, I’ll take you, I’ll take the child’. [Nick knows] she loves Peter, but that’s part of the drama, isn’t it?”

The actor then went on to say he thought that Peter was still in love with Leanne too, explaining: “I think he still loves Leanne. [But] no-one wants to mess with Carla!”

This new romance is set to be part of the build up to the four-month break that both Gasgoyne and King are taking from the show.

Watch Leanne and Nick running away to get married in the clip below: