Coronation Street’s Ben Price (Nick Tilsley) had to get grittier to stay current

Ben Price has defended ‘Coronation Street’ writers, saying that they needed to keep moving forward and away from the show’s comedy roots, if they wanted to keep it relevant.

The ITV soap has recently drew in much criticism, for spending too much time focussing on dark storylines involving assaults, murder, drug use, adultery and attempted suicide. However Ben – who plays Weatherfield’s Nick Tilsley – says such issues have to be examined if bosses want to keep the modern audience interested.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “I think the show has definitely steered away from what it started as, but it was launched in black and white. If you don’t move on or try anything new you’ll still be stuck in black and white with Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner sweeping up the street.

“It was 50 years ago, it’s not a series that has been running for three years – it’s 50 years old and you have to keep coming up with new storylines to keep the audience involved and interested.

“The viewing figures are actually up and the audience clearly like these shocking storylines, as they’re watching them. That’s what matters.”

Ben confesses that the ITV soap is getting more like Eastenders every year, but he thinks this is what fans want, after all, the BBC rival does attract an impressive amount of viewers each week.

Ben added: “We’re probably going into the arena that used to be occupied solely by ‘EastEnders’ and I think people are perhaps making a bit too much of it all. It’s good to have been talking about it, we shouldn’t forget that.

“‘Coronation Street’ is very personal to people and they like to get involved in it. It’s the nature of soaps.

“If there has been a crisis, I’ve definitely missed it. Everyone here just wants the show to be the best it can possibly be. There is no crisis.”

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