Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley talks about her amazing weight loss while revealing, “I still have treat meals!”

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Fans of Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley – who of course plays the role of Eva Price – will most likely know that the super slim and sexy size 10 star was formerly something of a frump, given that she weighted 15 stone and wore size 22 clothes…

However, that’s all firmly behind her now since she’s lost a vast amount of that weight, but in an interview with the Daily Mirror, Catherine – who first played the Corrie role of the midwife who delivered Sunita Alahan’s twins – has revealed that she still treats herself now and again to the kind of goodies that caused her to balloon in size.

She explained, “I eat a high-protein, low-carb diet but I don’t believe in completely excluding carbs…

“I am good 90% of the time and if you are good 90% of the time you can afford to treat yourself a little bit.

“It is all about balance. As long as you eat well and exercise you should be fine.

“For me it is hard to stay in shape. Some people have good genes and it is easy, but I am the first to admit I have a fat gene.

“Luckily I enjoy exercise, I don’t see it as a hardship. It is hard work but it is something I enjoy doing.

“I train four to five times a week when I am not busy but if I am busy it can just be once or twice. It depends on my hours. I mix weights and cardio intervals.”

As to why she put on so much weight in the first place, Catherine said, “Everything that we had at home was nutritious and home-grown and well-balanced…

catherine tyldesley

“It was in my own time I ate badly.

“I would go to the tuck shop or, if I went round to a friend’s house and their mum asked ‘Have you had your tea?’ I’d say no, even if I had.

“Since then I’ve educated myself on nutrition. It’s the sort of stuff you should be taught at school.

“When I did food technology we cooked pizza, cake and white bread – everything that is bad for you.

“I regret letting myself get like that. Life is so precious. You’ve really got to look after your body.”

She added, “I’m usually pretty boring and controlled but when I’ve had a drink my weakness is chips.

“I’m a traditional Northern girl so I am partial to fish and chips. I lost a lot of weight in the last few years so I don’t eat much fast food…

“But I do believe that you should treat yourself in moderation – I still have treat meals.”

Here’s a reminder of Catherine in the role of a midwife that she of course landed before she joined the cast in the role of Eva Price…

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