Coronation Street’s Charlie Condou (Marcus Dent) left concussed by Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw) after fight scene!

by Anna Howell

Fan of Coronation Street will know how there is a ton of drama lined up for show favourites, Maria Connor and Marcus Dent, but it would seem that it spilled over in to real life when Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus, ended up concussed after being hit by Ryan Thomas, who plays Maria’s boyfriend, Jason Grimshaw.

Fans of the award-winning ITV soap will know that since an unexpected kiss between Maria (Samia Ghadie) and her gay best friend, Marcus after a cancer scare, both have been able to hide their real feelings for each other, despite both of them being in relationships with other people.

And things are set to get even more intense when a one night stand between them results in Maria falling pregnant by the midwife, who is so desperate to have kids he left his ex-boyfriend, Sean (Anthony Cotton).

This revelation results in a huge fight in the Rovers between Marcus and Maria’s betrayed boyfriend, Jason, after Sean reveals to the hapless builder that Marcus is the reason that Maria split up with him.

But unfortunately, when playing out the scenes, Ryan got a bit carried away and ended up flooring Charlie who had to hen be treated for 20 minutes with concussion!

Thomas told TV Times of Jason’s reaction: “He does more than punch [Marcus], he goes a bit wild!

“It’s funny because in the script it was just supposed to be a punch across the table, but then a fight co-ordinator came over and said, ‘I want you to punch him across the table, drag him against the bar, slam him into the bar, he then drops to the floor, then you kick him, pick him up and smash his head on the bar’. So it was a big fight!

“I actually kicked Charlie in the head – I didn’t mean to, I love him very much, but in the moment it was just one of those things that happened.”

Meanwhile, Condou added: “I was slightly concussed! I had to go off set for 20 minutes. Ryan was mortified – he kept phoning me the next day to check I was alright.

“It’s always difficult when you do those things but because Ryan and I are close friends, it makes it even harder. Although I think maybe he enjoyed it!”

Watch the moment that Marcus and Maria realised they were more than just friends in the clip below:

Coronation Street airs this “big” bust-up on Monday, November 12.