Coronation Street’s Graeme Proctor will abandon Tina McIntyre and fall for Xin!

Coronation Street’s Graeme Proctor is set to break the heart of his girlfriend Tina McIntyre by eventually falling in love with her closest friend.

The pair have been experiencing relationship difficulties in recent months, after the bumbling butcher agreed to go through with marrying Tina’s best pal Xin in order to help her land a UK visa.

In recent weeks the pair have been seen growing closer and last week, when they kissed for the immigration officials there was a definite spark. It has now been reported that Graeme will leave Tina devastated when he tells her he is leaving Weatherfield for good to start a new life with his wife.

Graeme ends up making the decision in an upcoming episode, when Xin announces she is going to leave the cobbles so Graeme and Tina can be a proper couple again. He realises he can’t bear the thought of losing the Chinese beauty and the pair end up locked in a passionate clinch.

Xin tells him: “Tina’s my best friend and I can’t deceive her. I’ll give you till tomorrow to decide whether it’s Tina or me.”

Unfortunately, Graeme doesn’t get the opportunity to think for too long about his true feelings when his gorgeous girlfriend walks in and is devastated to find the pair locking lips.

The butcher tells Tina: “I’m ¬¨sorry Tina, but Xin and I love each other and want to be together forever.”

Feisty Tina won’t take the betrayal lying down and threatens to tell the authorities about their faux wedding and later sets out to bed new Weatherfield womaniser Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain).

A ‘Corrie’ insider told the Daily Star newspaper: “When Tina learns what is going on she will be left seething and out for revenge. If she tells the ¬¨authorities the truth it will send Graeme back to prison and he is left with no choice but to flee the street with Xin.”