Coronation Street’s Jane Danson (Leanne Barlow) wants sister Toya (Georgia Taylor) back on the cobbles!

Oh, if ever there was a time when you needed your sister, it is now for Leanne Barlow, so thinks the actress who plays her anyway!

Jane Danson, who has played the feisty Battersby girl in Coronation Street since 1997, has come out and said she would really like her on-screen step-sister, Toyah Battersby, to come back onto the Street to help support Leanne through the custody battle she is currently going through.

Toyah, played by former Casualty actress Georgia Taylor, was last seen on the cobbles of Coronation Street back in 2003 when she left to start a new life in Sheffield after her best friend, Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) slept with her boyfriend at the time.

During her time on the Street Toyah was involved in some major storylines, most notably the  brutal rape which left her  scarred for life, and since her departure has been a constant background character often spoken of by her step-sister, Leanne.

After leaving Coronation Street almost a decade ago, Georgia Taylor has remained on our viewing lists as she starred as Casualty’s Ruth Winters, but last year left the role and is currently trying to find work.  Since leaving the soap, Taylor has publicly declared an interest in “reinventing” Toyah, the character that made her famous.

And it would seem that she is not the only who would like to see the eco-warrior princess return to Weatherfield.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Danson also expressed a desire for the step-sisters to be reunited, and commented when asked if she hoped Toyah would return: “Always! We’re such great friends and always have been.

“As an actor, I’m sure she’s keen to explore other things. But if the opportunity came up and it was the right time, I’d be really hopeful that she would say yes.

“Hopefully one day – I’d just like Leanne to have somebody around who would be really on her side 100% of the time! From my point of view, it would be fantastic.”

Watch some clips of the Battersby girls together in action below:

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