Coronation Street’s Kate Ford on Tracy Barlow’s miscarriage

by Lynn Connolly

There are sad times ahead for Tracy Barlow when she loses her unborn twins, but as ever, she’ll try to turn the situation to her own advantage to make sure Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) gets the blame!

Tracy is of course played by Kate Ford, who’s been telling Soaplife that the storyline begins when Tracy – who’s in a fit of rage thinking that Steve (Simon Gregson) is seeing Becky behind her back – develops stomach cramps.

The pain becomes so intense, she has to be rushed to hospital, and along with her mum Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) Tracy will learn that she’s miscarried her twins…

Devastated, Tracy sobs to her mum that now she’s no longer pregnant with his babies, Steve won’t want to know her, but despite assurances from Deirdre that Steve wouldn’t be so callous, Tracy swears her mum to secrecy over the miscarriage.

When she leaves the hospital, Tracy sets out to find Becky, and provokes her into a row. So that then, when Tracy falls down the stairs – completely on purpose of course – she can tell Steve that she’s lost the babies because of that row.

And that’s exactly how it’s to pan out, but of course, as we reported recently, Becky will discover Tracy’s lie, and will tell Steve the truth.

However, of the miscarriage, Kate – who’s also starred in police drama Blue Murder – said, “Tracy’s in pieces. She’s devastated she may be losing her babies and at that point she just needs her mum.

“She’s also still convinced that Steve’s with Becky.

“It’s incredibly painful for her both emotionally and physically and as an actress I was very nervous about playing it because it’s such an awful reality for some people.

“She really is devastated about losing the babies. But at the same time she’s terrified that she’s going to lose Steve as well.

“She thinks that now she’s lost the babies he’ll leave her and then she’ll have lost everything she ever wanted.”

Well, thanks to her scheming and lying, she may well have lost Steve, because in a last minute dash to stop Becky leaving Weatherfield, he tells her he wants them to try again. But, as Becky has a new love and a new life to look forward to, she’s not interested.

Poor Steve. He always gets the poopy end of the stick doesn’t he!

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