Coronation Street’s Michael Le Vell (Kevin Webster) arrested over child abuse allegations!

by Anna Howell

Not the sort of news you expect to wake up to at all, but actor Michael Le Vell has been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a schoolgirl!

Le Vell, who plays cheating mechanic Kevin Webster in the iconic ITV soap, was arrested by police and questioned after they stormed his £750,000 Manchester home, The Sun reports.

The father of two, who rigorously denies the allegations, was quizzed for over 8 hours, and according to the papers source, is ‘going through hell’, adding:

“Michael’s world has fallen apart. He can’t believe what is happening to him and is going through a private hell.

He is renowned for being a quiet family man and does not lead a celebrity lifestyle.

He has never been caught up in any real scandals and has led a pretty low-key life throughout his many years in Corrie.

This has come right out of the blue and he doesn’t know what to think. He has been involved in all sorts of scandals in the show but couldn’t be more different off set. He doesn’t court publicity and has always been devoted to his family.

These accusations have sent his head spinning. He is determined to carry on working and clear his name. But at the moment his mind is scrambled”

These new allegations come as a complete shock to most, and would suggest a complete character reversal from the actor who had previously showed such moral standings as to threaten to quit his job after the affair with on screen business partner’s wife, as the betrayal and behaviour of his on screen character, whilst his on screen wife was battling cancer, is said to have sickened Le Vell (real name Michael Turner). He was even quoted at the time saying: “If Sally’s cancer doesn’t end the affair and Kevin has no remorse towards her, then I’m leaving because I can’t be putting up with it. If he carries on with Molly he doesn’t deserve to be in the family unit. It’s as simple as that.”

The soap star has been released on bail till next month whilst Manchester police continue their investigation.