Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh insists that she and Jamie Lomas are as strong as ever!

After what seems like decades of trouble in paradise, Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh has come out YET AGAIN to insist that she and fiancée, Jamie Lomas, are perfectly fine!

Marsh and Lomas got together shortly after she split from former EastEnders star, Jack Ryder, and pretty much from that moment on the relationship has been plagued by disaster!

Firstly, and most heart-breakingly came the death of their premature baby boy, Archie, who sadly passed away in 2009, but after that the problems seemed to lie with Lomas being able to keep his trousers on.

Claim after claim that the former Hollyoaks actor had been unfaithful to the Corrie beauty flooded our tabloid headlines, but despite this the couple went on to have a baby girl, Polly, last year.

Finally we started to believe the soap couple had laid their demons to rest, after a brief separation following little Archie’s death had hem publicly declaring they could not live without one another, but almost instantly their romance went back to showing  less stability than the Titanic as the band played their final song, resulting in a position that was meant to be in the bag for Lomas (playing Carla Connor’s brother Rob in Coronation Street) being recalled at the very last-minute, days after yet another affair was leaked to the press.

However, despite this, and the constant rumour that Lomas will ditch his family in order to pursue a career in Hollywood (we here they are big fans over there), Marsh has YET AGAIN come out to defend the turbulent at best situation.

According to the Press Association, Marsh is quoted as saying that Lomas was “an idiot” to be pictured coming out of yet another hotel room with yet another girl, but insists that their relationship, despite this, and the four hundred incidents previous, is as solid as ever!

The girl in question claimed that Lomas had told her he was single at the time, an easy lie to believe if the person you are telling it to does not read the tabloids or know who you are (which we seriously doubt, otherwise why on earth would she have looked twice?), and Marsh has yet again not only believed her puppeteer, we mean fiancée, but publicly defended him over the matter.

Speaking to Woman’s Own magazine, Marsh commented: “I know Jamie better than that. Yes, he was an idiot – he shouldn’t have let anyone in his room and he acknowledges that, because he left himself open for people to set him up, but that’s it.

“It will take more than that to split us up.”

She then went on to gush about her sham, we mean glam, wedding to the two timing scumbag, we mean actor, saying: “We’ve set the date, all the plans are underway and it is very exciting.”

We wish them all the luck in the world, they will need it!