Corrie: Catherine Tyldesley says Eva would be “gutted” if Nick and Leanne became an item again

As fans of Coronation Street will know, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) ended his relationship with Eva Price a few weeks ago after she wrongly accused him of having cheated on her…

And once she realized her mistake – which was only after she’d ruined a high profile party at Nick’s bistro – she begged Nick to take her back, but he told her he couldn’t be with someone who doesn’t trust him.

In response, Eva has decided that making Nick jealous by dating Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) might make him change his mind.

However, it’s about to backfire on her rather spectacularly.

Catherine Tyldesley, who of course plays Eva, told Soaplife, “Eva’s absolutely devastated that Nick doesn’t want to be with her any more…

“She really loved him and feels it’s all her fault for not trusting him.”

And of Eva’s attempt to bring out the green eyed monster in Nick, Catherine said, “Eva purposely asks Jason to take her to The Bistro so she can make Nick jealous, but it completely backfires.

“Nick’s really not bothered and even offers them a bottle of wine on the house!”

After her plan clearly goes awry, Eva goes to her half-sister Leanne (Jane Danson) to ask her to speak to Nick on her behalf. However, Nick and Leanne were of course once married, and more recently, they became lovers again before Leanne married Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

So with all that history between Nick and Leanne, it’s something of a surprise that Eva thinks it’s wise to send her sister on that mission.

Catherine – who’s also starred in Emmerdale – said, “Eva is so focused on getting Nick back she doesn’t think about how they might feel about each other.

“She and Leanne are getting on so well now and she is enjoying having a sister.

“She has no idea Leanne has still got feelings for Nick.”

On the possibility that Nick and Leanne may become an item once again, now that they’re both single, Catherine said, “[Eva] would be absolutely gutted…

“She loves Nick and she has just established a decent relationship with Leanne. She would think that Leanne was completely betraying her.”

Well, keep watching over the next couple of weeks because rumour has it that Nick and Leanne are indeed going to rekindle their passion!

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