Corrie: Chris Fountain feels sorry for Tommy Duckworth, who’s “trying to keep everybody happy”

While appearing on This Morning, the rather gorgeous – ok, he’s a lot gorgeous, when he’s not bright orange that is >>> – Chris Fountain has revealed that he feels sorry for his Corrie character, Tommy Duckworth.

As fans of the show will know, Tommy’s dad Terry – who’s played by Nigel Pivaro, who I’m going to miss a lot, primarily because I love it when he says “T’rone” instead of Tyrone – is trouble with a capital T…

But it’s become clear that it’s going to take something pretty radical and major to make poor Tommy see past the fact that he just wants his dad in his life.

However, unfortunately for Tommy, that’s about to happen when the scheming Terry tries to burn down the lap dancing club for the insurance payout. But in doing so, Terry will leave Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) in a coma after he violently throws her to the ground.

Poor ole Tommy will have a desperate 24 hours at Tina’s side in hospital as doctors warn that she may never fully recover.

But of Tommy and his daddy issues, Chris explained, “For Tommy, his dad’s turned up and he’s got no other family…

“Although everyone’s saying to him, ‘this guy’s bad news, you don’t want to trust him’, he’s just clinging to that fact, that it’s his dad and he’s got no one else but Tina.

“I feel sorry for Tommy because he’s just trying to keep everybody happy.

“Up until a couple of weeks ago everything was going fantastically for him…

“He’d got the girl, he’d inherited some money off his granddad, and then he was about to buy a flat, and all of a sudden, Terry turns up and causes major problems as Terry Duckworth always does.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Keegan has revealed via the show’s official website that she’s not sure if Tommy and Tina’s relationship can survive the harm that Terry’s done.

She said, “It’s not looking great at the moment for all of them [but] hopefully Tommy and Tina are going to see Terry for what he really is but we’ll have to wait and see.”

And of course, as we reported yesterday, Tommy’s in for yet more trouble – even after Terry’s done a disappearing act – when evil loan shark Rick (Greg Wood) forces Tommy to become a drug runner in order to pay off his dad’s mounting debts.

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