Corrie: Chris Fountain says Tommy Duckworth will be “gutted” to discover that Tina McIntyre IS pregnant and he’s missing BFF Tyrone!

by Lynn Connolly

Fans of Coronation Street will of course know that Tommy Duckworth has been wholeheartedly opposed to his girlfriend Tina McIntyre’s plan to become a surrogate mother for Gary Windass (Mikey North) and Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston).

However, though Tina (Michelle Keegan) eventually agreed to abandon the plan, given how unhappy Tommy was about it, she then did an about turn and at the last minute, she underwent the procedure to have Gary and Izzy’s embryos implanted…

Conceding defeat, Tommy told Tina that he’d come to terms with it and would be there for her throughout…

However, as Chris Fountain who of course plays mechanic Tommy, has revealed to ITV, in his heart or hearts, Tommy was hoping that the pregnancy wouldn’t take. And Chris also revealed that during all the turmoil with Tina, Tommy’s missing his best buddy Tyrone (Alan Halsall) more than ever.

More on that in a moment, but first, of learning that Tina’s pregnant, Chris said, “Tommy is gutted…

“He’s begrudgingly present with everyone involved when Tina takes the test and reveals the positive reading.

“I think he’s well within his rights to be gutted, as he now faces the prospect of his girlfriend for the next nine months carrying a baby for someone else.

“It’s going to have a huge impact on Tommy and Tina’s life…

“Apart from the money, Tommy and Tina will have nothing to show for it, and the sight of Gary and Izzy hugging at the news of the positive test result really makes him feel downbeat.

“He had wanted his own child with Tina at some point, and now her first pregnancy will be for someone else.”

However, despite the trauma of everything Tommy and Tina have been through, Chris revealed that he really hopes they can make a go of their relationship long term.

He said, “It would be incredibly sad if they split up over this, as they have never had the chance to have some fun as a couple.

“They hadn’t been together long when Tommy’s dad Terry Duckworth turned up and set the ball rolling for the horrendous situation they now find themselves in.

“They’ve never had the chance to be carefree and happy together.

“I don’t know how this storyline will play out, but I would love true love to prevail in the end and them to come through as a couple together.”

And returning to the fact that Chris says Tommy is missing the friendship he once had with Tyrone, he added that that has been made infinitely worse over Tina’s pregnancy, because Tommy feels there’s nobody he can talk to.

Chris said, “Tommy misses Tyrone massively.

“Ty is the closest thing Tommy has got to having a brother, and there is a lot of history between them due to Tyrone’s closeness to Jack and Vera.

“With everything that has gone on recently in Tommy’s life, he really does not have any friends so Tommy would be desperate to get Tyrone back in his life.”

However, Chris went on to say that when Tommy and Tyrone meet up next week when Tommy makes his latest loan payment, Tyrone doesn’t seem to be missing Tommy overly much.

Chris said, “When he goes to repay the money, you get the sense that Tommy would love nothing more than to sit down with Tyrone and have a great chat to him and share all his troubles, but this does not happen.

“Tyrone is very cold towards him and just takes the money and shuts the door on Tommy.

“He is left on his own on the doorstep.”

Awwww poor Tommy!

Here’s a reminder of one of the last times that the Three Ts – Tina, Tommy and Tyrone – hung out together…

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