Corrie Debate: Kevin Webster faces a huge dilemma; lose baby Jack or lose Sally

As we saw in last night’s episode of Corrie, Sally and Kevin Webster shared a kiss as they reminisced over their long and turbulent lives together before Kevin’s bombshell affair with Molly Dobbs split the couple once again…

And with rumour abounding that in forthcoming weeks, Sally and Kevin have some massive decisions to make about what happens in the future between them, we’re wondering how many of you lovely folks think Sally and Kev should reunite, and how many of you think they shouldn’t, given the huge dilemma that Kevin must face in order to win Sally back.

Becuase as far as Sally’s concerned – as actress Sally Dynevor has revealed – the biggest problem for her in terms of a possible reconciliation with Kevin (Michael Le Vell) is his son Jack, who is of course the living embodiment of Kevin and Molly’s affair.

Via the show’s official website, Sally – who’s played the role of the long suffering Mrs Webster since 1986 – said, “Sally and Kevin do have a little kiss and it looks like they are getting back together…

“The problem with Sally and Kevin’s relationship is that it comes with a little person who Sally thought she could love and adore, and quite sadly, she can’t quite bring herself to bring him up.

“Because every time she looks at him, she sees Molly and she feels hurt.

“Sally is definitely going to come to a big crossroad between Kevin and Jack and even I don’t know how it is going to end.”

Sally’s co-star Michael Le Vell added that his character Kevin must therefore choose between being reunited with his wife, or keeping his son.

He said, “Kevin really wants to make a go of it this time. He just misses Sally so much and the home life, and I think he needs help with Jack.

“It comes down to him or her really, and it’s not an easy choice.”

So what should his choice be? Give up baby Jack, or give up Sally? Let us know!

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    michael le vell is leaving is he not?

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