Corrie: Deirdre Barlow catches Ken out as he visits former lover Wendy! #kenyoudog

Coronation Street residents Ken and Deirdre Barlow are both recidivist adulterers who’ve had more affairs than they’ve had hot dinners, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) when she once again catches hubby Ken with another woman…

But she is both surprised and shocked when she follows Ken – after suspecting he’s up to something – and sees him paying a visit to his former mistress Wendy Crozier!

Wendy (Roberta Kerr) and Ken (Bill Roache) had an affair over twenty years ago, and since then, Wendy’s been married and widowed but she and Ken renewed their acquaintance as both battled for a place on the Board of Governors of Bessie Street Primary. Though quite why I can’t imagine given that neither have young children. But hey ho.

And Ken of course decided against informing Deirdre that he’d bumped into Wendy again, given that his affair with her ended up with Deirdre divorcing him…

But as mentioned, when Deirdre smells a philandering rat, she enlists the help of 007 Rita (Barbara Knox) in a spot of covert surveillance which pays off as Ken’s caught in what would seem to be the act.

A show insider told the Star, “Deirdre has been married to Ken long enough to know when he is up to something.

“So when she suspects that he’s lying to her about where he’s going, she decides to follow him.

“As she spots him getting into a cab, Rita is about to leave the street in her car. So Deirdre ropes her in to help with her snooping.

“When Ken arrives at his destination they follow on foot and are both stunned when Wendy opens the door of her house.

“The pair kiss to say hello but whether there is any more to their relationship than school business remains to be seen.”

We’ll see that drama on ITV1 a week today.

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