Corrie: Eva Price has some awkward questions for Karl Munro and Sunita!

As viewers of Corrie will know, Sunita Alahan and her lover Karl Munro have been sailing close to the wind as they conduct their affair, and have been very close to being caught on numerous occasions…

However, for the formerly staid and conservative Sunita (Shobna Gulati) that aspect is part of what makes it all so exciting, but trepidatious Karl (John Michie) is less hooked on the whole catch-us-if-you-can game.

And of course, now that Sunita has left Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) and is currently staying at the Rovers – which is really rubbing it in, given it’s her host and boss Stella’s bloke she’s bonking – she’s on Karl like a rash and she tells him she wants them to be a proper couple…

However, Karl is primarily affected by the head that doesn’t sit on his shoulders, but when Stella’s (Michelle Collins) daughter Eva very nearly catches him and Sunita out, he decides he needs to call time on the pub based exploits.

But while Eva (Catherine Tyldesley) misses the telltale signs of guilt in Sunita and Karl when she storms into the pub’s sitting room, she does spot wads of cash, and she wants to know where Karl has managed to find such sums of money.

She is of course convinced he’s been gambling again, and vows that she’s going to tell her mum, but can Karl turn it around and make himself out to be the innocent party yet again?

Well, we’ll find out a week today but of the drama, an insider told the Daily Star, “Sunita is going to put it on Karl and tell him that she wants to be with him.

“So when she doesn’t get quite the reaction she’d hoped for things turn nasty.

“Karl loves Stella and, although he’s been having fun with Sunita, he’s only ever seen her as something on the side.

“He has never really wanted to leave Stella and is totally shocked by the suggestion.

“Sunita is still reeling from it all when she turns up at The Rovers.

“She tells Karl that she’s not going to keep his grubby little secrets any more – just as Eva walks in on them.”

Would you like to see Karl and Sunita together as a couple? Or would you like Karl to call it off and Sunita to go back to Dev?

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