Corrie: Georgia May Foote on why Katy Armstrong will offer to have a baby for Izzy and Gary

Corrie star Georgia May Foote has revealed today why it is that her character Katy Armstrong offers to have a baby for her disabled sister Izzy (Cherylee Houston) who of course suffered a miscarriage recently.

As fans will know, after the harrowing loss of her baby, Izzy told her boyfriend Gary (Mikey North) that she couldn’t put herself through another pregnancy, which of course devastated him, but he vowed to stand by her and her decision.

However, Izzy’s sister Katy knows how much she wants a child, and will make her the offer of becoming a surrogate mother.

Georgia began explaining Katy’s motivation for doing so by saying, “Katy can see that Izzy and Gary are suffering, so she just wants to help.

“The family are devastated when Izzy loses her baby and I also think Katy feels guilty because she had Joseph so easily, whereas Izzy is struggling so much…”

Of how Izzy and Gary react to Katy’s offer, Georgia said, “Gary is absolutely over the moon, but Izzy is slightly more hesitant as she wants make sure that Katy is doing it for the right reasons.”

And when asked if in fact Katy has thought it through, Georgia said, “I don’t think she has…

“It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction, because she can’t stand to see her sister suffering and she just wants to help in any way she can.”

However, Georgia went on to say that Katy makes her offer to Izzy and Gary without discussing it with Chesney (Sam Aston) first.

Of that, she said, “Katy just presumes that Chesney will support her decision, so she isn’t that worried.

“When he does find out, he is upset but mainly because she didn’t talk to him about it first. Afterwards, he has his worries…

“But like Izzy, he just wants to make sure Katy is doing it for the right reasons and that she is aware of the possible problems they may face further down the line.”

But what all of them have to contend with is hot headed dad Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) who learns about Katy’s offer during baby Joseph’s christening, and he’s not happy.

Georgia said, “Owen reacts in his usual way – he goes about it in the worst way, shouting at the girls and ruining the christening…

“He upsets everybody, going in all guns blazing and telling the girls they have no idea what they are doing.

“It’s obviously left to Anna to calm him down!

”Izzy wants to prove Owen wrong and show him that she and Katy are young, independent women, not little girls he can boss around.”

Of how Katy would feel when the moment to hand over the baby actually arrived, Georgia said, “She may find it difficult because she will carry the child for nine months, but she is aware that the baby is Izzy and Gary’s, not hers.

“At the moment, though, I doubt she’s thought that far ahead!”

And finally, when asked, “How do you feel about wearing the baby bump again?” Georgia said, “I’m dreading it, because I hated it last time!

“The pins stick in your sides and it’s so heavy! I never thought for a minute I’d be wearing it again so soon!”

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