Corrie: Kym Marsh wants Street of Dreams role, and read Natalie Gumede’s blog

Corrie star Kym Marsh – who of course plays Michelle Connor and who is pictured with her baby daughter Polly in a photoshoot for new! magazine – has revealed that she’d love to have a role in the show’s forthcoming musical, Street of Dreams.

However, Kym added that as she has a young baby, she couldn’t take on more work right now, even if it was offered.

Virgin Media report that Kym said, “A ‘Coronation Street’ musical is planned for March and I’d love to do a few of the shows.

“I couldn’t be in it full-time though as I’ve already had ten months off to have Polly, so I wouldn’t want to take another break from the show.

“‘Corrie’ legend Julie Goodyear, who played Bet Lynch, is involved – how exciting!

“She’s got quite a fearsome reputation, has Julie, but I can only speak as I find and she’s always been perfectly alright with me…”

In other news, Natalie Gumede, who plays deranged copper Kirsty Soames, has written a blog for the show’s official website.

In it, Natalie describes the fight scenes that she filmed with co-star Michelle Keegan, who of course plays Tina McIntyre, and which will air in tonight’s episode.

Natalie wrote…

I’ve never played a role that has been involved in much high drama before, so the stunt world is quite new to me. I have had just one screen fight before, and the war wounds (bruises) lasted for the following two weeks. I therefore should have known better, but when I read the word ‘scuffle’ in the script, and saw that it would be with Michelle Keegan, I almost scoffed. Surely that would just involve me pinning her up against the wall? After all, I’m sure you may have noticed that she’s a slip of a girl, and I stand almost a head above her! ‘Besides’, thought I, ‘I’m reasonably fit, it won’t take much out of me to give her a quick shove, and she’ll be on the floor!’

Cut to…..

Renee, our fight co-ordinator, is marking us through three easy moves that would work for a scuffle, where Michelle and I lock arms to make sure we always stay on balance and neither of us gets hurt. At this point I’m still protesting ‘But Kirsty is so much bigger than Tina, surely she would just knock her to the floor’. I of course hadn’t counted on Tina’a spunk, or indeed Michelle’s freakishly superwoman-like strength. We try out the scuffle at full force, and after I all too carefully push Michelle to one side, she rallies back at me with such momentum that I fall backwards onto the car behind me. OK, time to put my upper body training to the test…

Several takes and camera angles later, I’m still taken aback by Michelle ‘Super-Strength’ Keegan, and I need to put all my body strength into essentially just pushing her slightly. I even almost lose my balance several times when she pushes back, and you may see me hopping about when the episode airs. As Chris Fountain rushes over to pull us apart, the director asks me to spit out my lines at them furiously, but this becomes a challenge, as I’m getting more and more out of breath. Tina wins the day and Kirsty stalks off to her car, but the only thing furious about me is my panting.

The next day, my upper arms are killing me, and I hear Michelle telling someone in the green room that she doesn’t know her own strength.

Must. Try. Harder. At the gym.

Don’t miss this drama tonight, Monday 9th January, on ITV1.

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