Corrie: Michelle Keegan says that when Tommy wants Tina to abort Gary and Izzy’s baby, Izzy supports him saying she and Gary can “just start again with someone else!”

by Lynn Connolly

As we reported recently, when surrogate mum Tina McIntyre faints – it’ll transpire she’s anaemic – next week, her boyfriend Tommy Duckworth will plead with her to abort the baby she’s carrying for Gary Windass (Mikey North) and Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston) as he fears the toll on her health is to great…

And somewhat shockingly, Michelle Keegan, who of course plays Tina, has revealed that when her character tells Izzy about Tommy’s request, she’ll be supportive of Tommy (Chris Fountain) and will tell Tina that if she does decide to terminate the pregnancy, she and Gary will “just start again with someone else!”

Michelle made the revelation about the plot twist while speaking to Digital Spy about the surrogacy storyline, and what lies ahead for her character.

She explained, “I don’t think Tina realised the impact that pregnancy was going to have on her body, and I don’t think Tommy did either…

“She feels sick and she faints, and that’s when she has to get checked over by the doctor. Tommy doesn’t react well to this at all, as he’s really worried.

“As far as Tommy is concerned, if this pregnancy is affecting Tina’s health then something has to be done.

“He thinks there’s not enough money in the world to make it worth putting your health at risk.”

When asked how Tina feels about what Tommy’s asking of her, Michelle said, “Well, she doesn’t like to be pressurised – not at all!

“When Tommy suggests it, she just thinks that abortion isn’t an option.”

And of how Gary and Izzy react to hearing what Tommy wants Tina to do, Michelle remarked, “Obviously they’re not very happy. The fact that Tina is pregnant means that it’s very late in the day to start having second thoughts.

“But you’ll see that Tina and Izzy have a bit of a talk in the back room of The Rovers. Tina tells Izzy all about Tommy’s frustrations and his problems with the surrogacy deal.

“Izzy actually understands, because the issue is with Tina’s health.

“Izzy then says that she and Gary can just start again with someone else.

“That makes Tina question everything even more. She wonders how Tommy – someone she really loves – can be so quick to make demands, while Izzy is able to see it from someone else’s point of view.

“Izzy says, ‘If it’s affecting your health, I’d rather you do whatever you want to do and we’ll still be friends’.

“It’s going to be a tough decision for Tina to make, whatever happens.”

But before Tina gets the chance to make any firm decision about the pregnancy, news of it becomes public knowledge after Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) announces the news in The Rovers…

However, when the regulars begin offering Tommy their congratulations, he snaps and reveals that it’s not his baby, and spills the truth about the arrangement.

Of that, Michelle said, “Well, obviously Tina didn’t want anyone knowing the truth. She’s not impressed at all, because it’s Tommy who announces it when he loses his temper at The Rovers.

“At first it seems that Tina might find it difficult, but then she says that it’s got nothing to do with anyone else.

“I think Tina has got her head screwed on and she’s just concentrating on looking forward. She thinks this situation only concerns her, Tommy, Gary and Izzy, so she isn’t interested in what other people say.

“Tina is quite a strong person and she doesn’t let anyone else’s opinion affect her decisions. It’s a bit like water off a duck’s back at the minute!”

As to how the surrogacy plot is going to work out, Michelle said that she didn’t as yet know.

She commented, “We’ve heard a few options of what might happen, but nothing is in concrete yet.

“It’ll be just as much a surprise to us as it will be to the viewers!”

And finally, of what Tina’s got to look forward to at Christmas this year, Michelle said, “It’s a quiet one for her this year as she’s in The Rovers working!

“There’s no big Christmas storyline for her this year, but I do get a scene on Christmas Day.”

Poor old Tina always seems to be working on Christmas Day! Here’s how she spent Christmas 2010, when the lovely Betty was still with us…

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