Corrie: Peter Barlow will confess to killing Frank Foster!

Coronation Street star Chris Gascoyne has been telling Soaplife exactly why it is that his character, Peter Barlow, confesses to murdering Frank Foster…

As we saw last night, a drunken Peter told a whole restaurant full of people that he wanted Frank (Andrew Lancel) dead, and in the next episode, we’ll see Peter return to his flat covered in blood with no memory of where he’s been or what he did.

Chris explained, “Peter returns from a massive bender and he’s shocked to hear that Frank has been killed.

“After the row in the factory the day before Peter wanted nothing more than to see Frank dead, and when he’s questioned about his motive and his whereabouts he realises he has no memory of where he’s been…”

Chris went on to say that soon after Peter gets home, the police arrive and want to question him.

Chris added, “He panics as he knows it doesn’t look good that he has no recollection of where he was when Frank was killed.

“He starts off by lying to the police, but there are so many holes in his story that he ends up putting himself in the frame.

“But he has no memory of what happened that night, so he doesn’t even know whose blood it is.”

However, there’s plenty more trauma to come for Peter, especially when Carla Connor (Alison King) is arrested on suspicion of killing Frank.

Of that, Chris said, “He’s not shocked that she’s been arrested. She had the most motive and he knows that she looks like the obvious suspect to everybody.

“But he’s devastated and terrified for her.”

Chris then went on to reveal that when Carla gets bail, one of the first things she does is burn the contract that she signed which gave Frank total control of the factory.

Of what Peter makes of her actions, Chris said, “This doesn’t look good. With Frank dead and the contract destroyed it gives Carla control back the factory and an even bigger motive.

“Carla’s terrified the police are going to pin Frank’s murder on her and Peter confesses in a bid to protect her. At this point he genuinely has no idea who killed Frank, but he’s willing to try to convince the police it was him.”

So Peter goes to the police and tells them he killed Frank, in order to save Carla’s skin.

Chris said, “It’s a straightforward confession to the murder so the police think they’ve got their man.

“But when they go away to verify his story Peter worries because he still can’t be clear about exactly where he was that night.

“Still, he’ll do everything he can for Carla…”

As we reported earlier, it seems the whodunit is going to come to a fairly rapid conclusion, so we won’t have long to wait before we find out who’d better get used to the taste of porridge!

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