Corrie: Rob Donovan batters Ryan Connor when he catches him stealing!

Since he returned to Weatherfield, having been booted out of uni, Ryan Connor (Sol Heras) has become the latter day Terry Duckworth – who, like Ryan, was a tear away when he was young, not that time has improved him much as we saw when he came back – in as much as he’s lazy, scheming and will lie a million times before he tells the truth.

However, unlike Terry, Ryan’s a junkie, and a forthcoming storyline will see the repercussions of his desperation for a fix rocking his family.

It all begins when Ryan goes to Underworld with the intention of robbing a few quid from the petty cash box.

Once he’s inside the factory, with his face shielded by a hood, he finds the cash box and proceeds to try to open it, however, his uncle Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) sees who he assumes is a stranger trying to steal the money, so he goes up behind him and smacks him over the head…

He is of course horrified when he sees that the intruder is Ryan, who immediately denies any wrongdoing and claims he was merely looking for his mum Michelle (Kym Marsh).

Just then, Michelle turns up with Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) in tow, and she’s horrified to find Ryan slipping in and out of consciousness. However, rather than wait for an ambulance, Rob and Steve carry Ryan out to the car and ferry him to hospital.

The lad is later given the all clear and discharged, and still maintaining his innocence, he tells Rob that he’s going to report him to the police for assault. And as Rob is of course on probation, if Ryan does call the police in, Rob will be forced to return to prison to serve out the rest of his sentence.

A show insider told the Daily Star, “Rob is gutted and terrified. He’s still on probation so if he’s found guilty of GBH he’ll go straight back behind bars.

“He pleads with Michelle to open her eyes and see that Ryan is lying to them all but she won’t have it.”

However, later, Ryan does in fact confess that he was trying to steal money so he could buy drugs, and he begs his mum to help him.

Don’t miss the drama of that hour-long double bill on ITV1 next Sunday at 7.30pm.

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