Corrie: Samia Ghadie reveals that when Sean Tully catches Maria and Marcus kissing, they know it’s time to go public with their romance!

by Lynn Connolly

Fans of Corrie will of course know that Maria Connor and Marcus Dent are not only about to realize they’re in love with each other, they’re also going to have a baby together after sharing a night of passion…

So of course, big decisions about their relationship have to be made, and according to Samia Ghadie, who of course plays Maria, part of the reason that her character and lover Marcus (Charlie Condou) decide to go public with their romance is that Marcus’s ex, Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) catches the smitten lovers kissing.

Speaking to Soaplife, Samia began by explaining that having Sean catch Maria and Marcus in a clinch is the last thing the confused lovers need.

She said, “It really is the last thing Maria and Marcus want so soon in their fledgling relationship…

“They’re both absolutely mortified. Of all the people to catch them it has to be Sean.

“Maria’s sure he’s going to go off and tell the whole street about them.”

However, Samia went on to say that even before Sean walks in on them, Maria and Marcus have already said ‘I love you’ to each other.

She added, “Yes, they have both said those three little words to each other…

“But since they slept together Marcus has been behaving very strangely and is clearly freaked out by it all.”

And of course, given the turn of events, Maria knows she has to end her relationship with Jason (Ryan Thomas).

Of that, Samia said, “[Jason’s] really confused. She simply says things aren’t working out between them.

“She doesn’t want to tell him about Marcus just yet – they need to know where they stand with each other before they go public.”

But events overtake them when, on seeing Sean and Jason talking together in The Rovers, Maria and Marcus assume they are the subject of the conversation, and decide that the only option open to them is to go public with their romance.

Samia explained, “Maria and Marcus find Sean and Jason together in The Rovers, and assume they’re talking about them.

“So they start trying to defend themselves. Jason suddenly realises what’s going on…

“He feels betrayed not only by Maria, but also by Marcus, who he considered a friend. Jason goes completely mental and flies at Marcus.”

And when asked if Maria’s ready for the backlash she could face over her less than conventional romance with Marcus, Samia said, “Part of her knows how controversial it will be that she and Marcus are together.

“But she doesn’t feel they’re doing anything wrong and defends their relationship to anyone who asks.

“Marcus is finding it much more difficult than Maria. He’s never been attracted to a woman before.”

And it seems that being with a woman is going to take some getting used to for Marcus, because when he introduces Maria to his boss, he says she’s his “friend.”

Of that, Samia said, “She’s really angry because, she tells him, how can they expect anyone else to take them seriously as a couple if they are not big enough to admit it themselves.”

And finally, of whether there’s realistically any hope for Maria and Marcus as a couple long-term, Samia said, “Right now it’s what they both want. But I don’t think there’ll be a happy ending.

“Maria is trying to hide her fears that Marcus will fall out of love with her and in love with another man, but I think it’s just a matter of time before all the issues with Marcus being gay rise to the surface…”

Here’s a reminder of a recent episode which featured Maria and Marcus skirting around their feelings…

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