Corrie Spoilers: Jennie McAlpine says of Fiz and Tyrone’s arrests for snatching baby Ruby, “In a way, she’s relieved!” (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

fiz stape, tyrone dobbs, coronation street

As fans of Coronation Street will know, Fiz Stape and her lover Tyrone Dobbs are about to find themselves in some serious trouble after they’re arrested for abducting Tyrone’s daughter Ruby…

The drama begins tonight when we’ll see Tyrone (Alan Halsall) pleading with his mate Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) to help him snatch little Ruby – while Kevin’s daughter Sophie is babysitting the tot – so that he can take her out of the country.

And though Kevin tries his best to talk Tyrone out of it, telling him that as he’s already on bail for the alleged assault on his former fiancé Kirsty Soames (Natalie Gumede) if he’s caught taking Ruby, he’ll go to prison. However, Tyrone’s so fearful for the child’s safety, he tells Kevin it’s a risk he’s prepared to take…

And of course, Tyrone’s lover Fiz Stape will vow to stand by him no matter what, and when Tyrone does take Ruby, she’s true to her word and the pair initially hide out in Wales as they try to plan their getaway abroad.

However, when Kirsty reports that Ruby’s missing, the police issue a manhunt for Tyrone, and sadly for him, he and Fiz will be found hiding out and arrested.

And while speaking to the Daily Star about the plotline, Jennie McAlpine, who of course plays loyal Fiz, has revealed that Fiz is in some ways “relieved” when the arrests happen.

tyrone dobbs, fiz stape, coronation street

She explained, “She thinks it’s a bad idea from the start. But Tyrone is determined and because Fiz loves him she agrees to go along with it.

“They end up hiding out in Wales. Tyrone is desperate to get out of the country but they need more money.

“Meanwhile, Kirsty’s set the police on to them.”

And of Fiz and Tyrone being subsequently arrested, Jennie said, “It’s what Fiz thought would happen…

“In a way she’s relieved but she’s also worried about what’s going to happen.”

Jennie added, “Tyrone tells the police Fiz had nothing to do with the abduction, even though she did agree to go along with it.

“But that’s Tyrone through and through, he’s selfless. The police let Fiz go but keep Tyrone.

“The problem is that running off has made him look guilty of Kirsty’s abuse charge; he’s just played into Kirsty’s hands.”

tyrone dobbs, coronation street

Of the prospect that Tyrone could face a long stretch in prison, Jennie said, “Yes [he could] even though he’s not the bad one.

“It’s one of those great stories where the viewer also knows he’s innocent.

“Maybe there will be a ‘Free Tyrone’ campaign!”

Here’s a look at tonight’s episode featuring, as mentioned above, Tyrone’s plea to Kevin…

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  1. Vaudree on February 8, 2013 at 4:02 am

    When Kirsty makes that public announcement for the return of kidnapped Ruby, wouldn’t that be seen by people who knew her before she got together with Tyrone? The story on the street is that gentle Tyrone must have changed. If people come forward from Kirsty’s past, there goes her credibility. Kirsty talked of a former boyfriend who cheated on her? Then there is Kirsty’s mom …

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