Corrie Spoilers: Marc Baylis reveals that Carla Connor will offer Rob Donovan his job back, but is it enough for the ambitious ex-con?

by Lynn Connolly

rob donovan, carla connor

Coronation Street star Marc Baylis has revealed that his character, Rob Donovan, is about to be given a second chance at working at the factory by his sister Carla, however, as Rob sees himself in a position that’s somewhat higher than being Carla’s whipping boy, whether he’ll accept, or continue trying to ruin Carla’s business, remains to be seen.

As fans will recall, Rob cooked the books at the factory in order to have a broker assess the worth of the business at far less than its real market value, and he then nicked one of Carla’s (Alison King) clients, taking a hefty order from her in the process.

During an interview with Soaplife about the storyline, Marc began by explaining how his character felt when Carla turned up in Weatherfield again after originally leaving to live in America.

He said, “Carla’s arrival [was] a shock more than anything because only a couple of weeks previously she announced she was leaving Weatherfield again for good.”

Adding that as far as Rob was aware when Carla first left, he was the boss at the factory, Marc continued, “He decides to hit her where it hurts and takes the clients with him.

“His plan is to make her realise what an asset he is by showing her what she would be missing.

“He feels that what he has done for the business far outweighs his trying to con her.”

With regard to Michelle Connor (Kym Lomas) having pledged her support to Carla and joined her in shunning Rob, Marc said, “He can understand why – she has to look after number one…

carla connor, michelle connor, rob donovan

“But he does feel she’s being a bit disloyal and way too sharp with him. He’s also annoyed because he does still have feelings for her.”

And when asked, “Would Rob be happy running the factory with Carla?” Marc replied, “At the end of the day he wants to be working with Carla…

“She’s the only immediate family he has; he wants to be part of the business and a part of her life.

“The factory has given him a second chance in life after prison, which he was looking for.”

And apropos of second chances, Marc revealed that in forthcoming episodes, Carla will offer Rob a chance to redeem himself by offering him his job back at the factory, however, he also revealed that it’s not enough for ambitious Rob.

He said, “Initially she just offers him his job, back but he wants to be a shareholder and he believes he’s bringing enough deals to the table to make that a reasonable proposition.”

And finally, of the forthcoming relationship between Rob and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) Marc said, “Yes. Tracy comes on to his radar and it’s an interesting combination.

“He sees something of himself in Tracy and finds her intriguing…”

Here’s a reminder of Carla and Rob catching up when he first arrived in Weatherfield…

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