Corrie Spoilers: Ryan Connor makes a move on Katy Armstrong! And will Anna Windass side with Owen or Faye’s dad Tim? (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

katy armstrong, ryan connor, coronation street

There are matters of the heart at stake for some of the residents of Coronation Street in episodes that will air from Monday, February 18th when both Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote) and Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) find that they’re forced to choose where their loyalties lie when it comes to the men in their lives.

Starting with Katy, her drama begins when her friend Steph invites her to her 18th birthday party, however, realizing she has nothing to wear and no money to splash out, a despondent Katy concludes she can’t go…

However, her loving boyfriend Chesney (Sam Aston) hands her some cash and tells her that she needs to go and have some fun for a change. Katy gratefully accepts and in the episode that airs on Friday, February 22nd, she’ll be glammed up and ready to party.

But it seems there’s a big spanner in the works when the DJ fails to arrive, however, while comforting the distraught birthday girl, Katy has an idea and promptly calls Ryan Connor (Sol Heras) who stands in as DJ and the party goes ahead.

However, while the young girls at the party make it clear they fancy him, Ryan only has eyes for Katy!

ryan connor, katy armstrong, coronation street

How will she react when she realises Ryan fancies her? We’ll have to tune in to find out!

On now to Anna’s problems, and they come to a head after Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) gives Faye’s dad Tim (Joe Duttine) a job, much to Owen Armstrong’s annoyance.

jason grimshaw, tim metcalfe, coronation street

But of course, young Faye (Ellie Leach) is delighted her dad’s going to be working close by, and she happily tells a worried Anna that it means she can spend more time with him.

However, when Tim presents Faye with a new laptop, it’s the last straw for Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) and he angrily tells Anna that she’s letting Faye rule the roost and letting her have her own way over everything…

Angry, he goes and tells his daughter Izzy (Cherylee Houston) that he feels sidelined by Tim and actively pushed out by Faye. Annoyed on her dad’s behalf, Izzy later confronts Anna and tells her that it’s about time she stopped allowing Faye to treat Owen like dirt, and adds that she should be showing him some loyalty too.

Will Izzy’s harsh words get through to Anna? Or will she continue letting Faye twist her round her little finger for fear of losing her permanently to Tim?

We’ll find out next week. For now, here’s a look at Owen and Anna’s troubles tonight…

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.