Corrie Spoilers: The Rovers will burn to the ground, KILLING Sunita Alahan! (VIDEO)

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There’s shocking news for fans of Corrie today as it’s been revealed that in a dramatic new storyline, the iconic pub The Rovers Return will be burned to the ground in a fire which is set to kill Sunita Alahan!

And given that Sunita (Shobna Gulati) has had a long running feud with landlady Stella Price (Michelle Collins) – which began when Sunita had an affair with Stella’s bloke Karl Munro (John Michie) – after her death, Sunita will be accused of arson and therefore deliberately setting the pub on fire.

The Sun reports that the drama begins when Karl goes back to Stella, much to Sunita’s fury, and because she makes no secret of how much she hates Karl and Stella, when the fire decimates the pub, everyone assumes Sunita was behind it…

An insider said, “When the fire is finally put out, The Rovers will stand in ruins.”

The paper adds of Shobna, “Her farewell scenes are being masterminded by departing Street boss Phil Collinson and come as a whole new Corrie set is being built in Salford.”

It hasn’t been revealed exactly when the dramatic fire will happen, but we will of course keep you posted.

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For now, here’s a sneak peek look at one of this week’s episodes…

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