Corrie star Alison King on why Carla Connor lies to the police

As fans of Corrie will of course know, on March 5th, Frank Foster’s reign of terror is over when he’s found dead.

By the look of pictures of Frank on the factory floor, it seems he died from head injuries, and standing over his dead body is Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor), so things of course don’t look good for her, but there are four other suspects too…

And as Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) will stagger into his flat, drunk and covered in blood just as Frank’s (Andrew Lancel) body is found, it’s looking pretty serious for him too!

However, Alison King, who of course plays Carla – who is herself a prime suspect – has told Soaplife that Carla lies to the police when they come calling, but the question is, who is she protecting? Herself or Peter?

Alison said, “Carla finds out from Sally that Frank and Jenny conned her out of her business and goes to the factory to confront him.”

But by then, Sally has been discovered standing over Frank’s body, but as Carla doesn’t know where Peter is, and because she knows he was drunk when he left their flat, she’s immediately worried he may have killed Frank.

Alison said, “Her reaction is one of shock and concern as to where Peter is, but she could just be covering her tracks…”

Soaplife then asked, “Why is she worried for Peter?” to which Alison replied, “Because of Frank. Before he dies, Frank tells Leanne that Peter is drinking again and he’s fearful for Simon’s safety.

“Then Leanne catches Peter and Carla drinking and tells him she’s going for custody of Simon.

“Then Peter goes on a massive bender and doesn’t come home the night Frank is killed. When he does turn up he has blood on his clothes and doesn’t know where he’s been.”

Alison added that Carla tells Peter that they must both say they’ve been with each other the whole time. But of course, that could be her alibi as much as Peter’s.

Alison added, “It would also help them both if they can vouch for each other.”

And as to whether Carla’s capable of murder, Alison said, “Yes, very possibly – she has more motive and opportunity than the other suspects.

“Frank has completely destroyed her life. She’s a desperate woman who could do something desperate.”

Finally, when asked if Carla and Peter’s relationship can survive this latest twist, Alison said, “It’s a strong yet destructive relationship. Whether they could survive such a test, we’ll have to see…”

Don’t miss the drama of Sally finding Frank dead on March 5th!

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