Corrie star Alison King says Carla Connor would kidnap Simon Barlow for Peter’s sake!

As fans of Corrie will know, the relationship between Peter Barlow and Carla Connor is on increasingly shaky ground, and when Peter (Chris Gascoyne) once again turns to booze to drown his sorrows, Carla will be horrified when he “turns on her.”

Peter’s affair with Carla was of course the catalyst for the breakdown of his marriage to Leanne (Jane Danson) who now has custody of Peter’s son Simon (Alex Bain) after the little boy made it clear he’d rather live with her than with his dad and Carla.

But as Peter sinks further and further into the mire of self pity, he’ll take the view that everything that’s gone wrong in his life is because of Carla, and in a moment of madness, he will lure Simon away from Leanne and attempt to leave the country with him.

But would Carla stop him from taking such drastic action, or would she help him in a bid to repair their fractured relationship?

Well, according to Alison King, who of course plays Carla, she most likely would.

In an interview with Soaplife, Alison said, “All I can say is it would be against the law for them to take Simon, but she’d still do that for Peter.”

However, before she had to make that decision, Carla is frantic with worry when Peter initially disappears while drunk, and when police find a body in the canal, she and Peter’s dad Ken (Bill Roache) fear the worst…

But when they’re asked to view the body to establish if it is Peter, they’re hugely relieved that it isn’t, however, he’s still missing.

Alison explained what happens in the run up to the storyline’s dramatic conclusion, saying, “[Carla] feels guilty about how Peter’s gone downhill, but she’s losing the will to live with him a bit…

“She loves Peter, but she feels a bit responsible for all the angst he’s going through over his son, and thinks maybe it would be easier if she’d have left him alone.

“They’re just in a really bad place, and she’s losing patience because for once, she’s been completely selfless and has pandered to his every need…

“[She’s] walked around on eggshells and taken on his drinking and not judged him for it. Then all of a sudden he’s turning on her.”

Alison went on to reveal that a particularly vicious row sees Carla walking out on Peter.

She said, “Peter’s back on the booze and being really, really nasty to her.

“He starts saying she doesn’t fit in with his flat, there are things she’s bought that he doesn’t like the look of.

“He tells her to pack her belongings and leave. She goes, but she doesn’t mean it; she thinks it will shock him into a reaction.”

However, Peter then goes missing…

Alison said of Carla, “She’s really worried. Even though he was the one saying things, she fears she’s pushed him over the edge.

“Michelle tries to tell her Peter has brought this on himself, but Carla loves him and she’s really scared. She wishes she could turn back time.”

And finally, Alison explained that when Peter does make contact with Carla, and he asks her to leave the country with them, Carla will be faced with a huge dilemma.

She said, “She would be stuck between trying to make Peter see sense and knowing that he’d go with Simon anyway so it would be better if she went with him.

“All I can say is it would be against the law for them to take Simon, but she’d still do that for Peter.”

Both Alison and Chris are of course taking a few months off from the show, however, of her return, Alison disclosed, “I’ll be back at work on 1 October.”

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