Corrie star Andrew Lancel says Sally Webster’s meddling could put her in danger!

by Lynn Connolly

As fans of Coronation Street will know, evil Frank Foster is about to face his maker when he’s murdered…

And of course, there will be no shortage of suspects since he’s made an enemy of many of the Street’s residents, and he’s about to make one more when he warns Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) not to meddle in his affairs.

Sally’s love affair with Frank turns sour when she suspects he’s seeing someone else, and she’s right, he is. He’s dating Jenny Sumner, the buyer we saw last week refusing to work with Carla (Alison King) because of the tension between her and Frank.

However, it seems she’s not only about to become Frank’s bit on the side, she’s also going to help him overthrow Carla so that he can get her out of Underworld…

Andrew Lancel, who of course plays Frank, has been talking to Soaplife about the manipulative character, and the lead up to his death.

He began by saying that in his last days, Frank will do whatever it takes to “destroy” Carla.

He said, “Erase and eradicate, that’s his plan. And he will go about it in the worst possible way.

“He’s enjoying tormenting [Carla], he’s enjoying turning the screw.”

However, he soon turns on Sally too when she’s a bit too interested a mysterious phone call he receives.

Of that, Andrew said, “The call is from Jenny Sumner, who is involved in the twists and turns of him trying to get hold of the factory.

“She is his new flame and he is using her to help him get his revenge.”

And when asked, “So he was just using Sally?” Andrew replied, “She was useful to him. What his mum said was right.

“She didn’t harm the trial at all, in fact it helped.”

So when Frank find Sally snooping at his computer, Frank sees red and no longer cares if Sally can see through his ‘nice guy’ act.

Andrew said, “For him it’s done now, he’s on a new script.

“He does admit to Sally, ‘It was nice for a while’, but he also thinks he has done her a favour and tells her she has had more fun with him than she had had in a long time!

“He thinks she should be happy and move on.”

However, Andrew went on to say that Frank ends up trying to keep Sally on side by telling her that there’s “something in it” for her if she cooperates with him.

He added, “He says they’re all going to ride off into the sunset; it won’t be nice or pretty, but he’ll make them all stars.

“Then she finds out he’s having it away with someone else and things get dark. She threatens him and he says he’ll take her down with him.

“If Sally continues meddling things could get very dangerous for her. She’s skating on very thin ice.”

We’ll see all that drama play out over the next few weeks in the lead up to Frank’s murder. Any ideas as to who will kill him?

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.