Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley says Michelle Collins is like “a second mum” to her #awwbless

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Coronation Street stars Catherine Tyldesley and former EastEnders actress Michelle Collins of course joined the cast of the ITV soap together in 2011, along with former Taggart actor John Michie…

Michelle and Catherine of course play the roles of mother and daughter Stella and Eva Price – John plays Stella’s now former boyfriend Karl Munro – so of course, the two spend a good deal of time together on-set during filming.

And as Catherine revealed to Inside Soap magazine, she and Michelle have grown so close, she considers Michelle to be her “second mum.”

Catherine said, “Michelle is an absolute darling. Right from the off, she became like my second mum…

“She’s great for advice, because she’s been in the business a long time, and knows what she’s doing.

“We’re always having a gossip about boys and dresses – that sort of thing.”

And presumably the workings of a pub, given that Michelle’s character owns the Rovers, and Eva occasionally helps out behind the bar there…

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But in fact, Catherine revealed that she’s worked in pubs before, among a host of other jobs that she had before she was bitten by the acting bug.

She said, “I recently worked out that I’ve had 26 jobs between acting gigs.

“I was a waitress for five years on and off, and working in pest control too – my least favourite job ever!

“I’ve also worked in some really rough pubs, like something out of Shameless.

“I feel a lot safer in the Rovers than I did in them!”

Here’s a reminder of some of Catherine and Michelle’s first scenes on Corrie…

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