Corrie star Cherylee Houston says Izzy is “scared that Gary will leave her” over pregnancy news

As fans of Corrie will most likely know, Izzy Armstrong is about to discover that she’s pregnant, but her joy at the news is tempered by her worry over telling her boyfriend Gary Windass (Mikey North) who’s recently revealed that he doesn’t want kids.

Gary made the proclamation having spent just one evening babysitting infants Hope and Joseph after their parents, Fiz, Ches and Katy, were all struck down with ‘flu.

And in today’s Soaplife, actress Cherylee Houston, who of course plays Izzy, has revealed that her character is terrified that Gary may end their relationship when he knows she’s pregnant.

First, when asked how long Izzy’s known about her pregnancy – before she confides in Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) in a forthcoming episode – Cherylee said, “Only a day or so and it’s a shock…

“She has so many things going through her head, like can she physically do this with her disability?”

As to how Izzy will tell Gary, Cherylee explained, “They’re looking after Hope [Fiz’s daughter] and Joseph [Katy’s son] and I think Izzy’s immersing herself in it to test herself – and Gary – because she’s pregnant.

“Gary says it’s easier to lug sand about on a building site or fill in a skip in the rain than look after kids – and that’s not what Izzy wants to hear!

“She’s very scared as she’s thinking that she’s going to have to have the baby on her own.”

Of Izzy telling Fiz the news first, Cherylee remarked, “She’s grown a lot closer to Fiz over the last year or so, particularly with Katy living with Fiz.

“They’re becoming just one big family. But Fiz is that little bit removed; if she had talked to Katy there would be that link to her dad.”

However, Cherylee added, “Fiz points out that however Gary takes the news, Izzy’s going to have to tell him, which is true.

“But Izzy’s very scared that he’s going to leave her.”

But when asked if Gary will in fact leave Izzy, or if he’ll stay with her and support her and the baby, Cherylee wouldn’t comment directly, but she said that if they do stay together, the pregnancy could unite them more than ever.

She said, “I think it will bring them closer together…

“I think they’re really connecting at the moment now, and they’re really looking out for each other and the pregnancy will bring them together as a family.”

And if Gary doesn’t support Izzy, Cherylee said, “I think she’ll go it alone. But she’s afraid there could be problems.

“Dr Carter does say that there is an increased chance of miscarriage because of her condition, but he also says it’s all fine too, as lots of people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome carry babies full term.”

What do you think Gary will do?

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