Corrie star Chris Fountain on how grief finally unites Tommy and Tina

Tommy Duckworth and Tina McIntyre have of course had a whole will-they-won’t-they storyline for the last year, but finally, when Tommy learns that his granddad has died, and Tina (Michelle Keegan) offers him support, the pair unite and are officially an item.

Speaking to What’s On TV, Chris Fountain, who of course plays Tommy, revealed that his character’s grief over his grandfather’s death brings out a softer more sensitive side to him that Tina immediately empathises with, given she of course lost her dad Joe.

Chris said, “Tommy’s granddad dies and this reveals a different side to Tommy’s character and that brings him and Tina closer together.

“He’s more than upset, he’s gutted. Tommy was really close to him. But he’s a strange one with his emotions and tries to block it out.

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to go to the funeral. It’s that he’s terrified he’ll fall apart if he does…”

WOTV then asked, “Is his fear of emotions why he’s been holding back with Tina?” to which Chris replied, “In a way. It’s because it was love at first sight with Tina.

“He’s tried it on with a few women in the Street, but Tina is The One and he doesn’t really know how to deal with that.”

Chris went on to say that when Tina opens up about her own grief, it brings the couple closer.

He said, “Tina sits him down and tells him all about her own dad dying and says he must go to the funeral and she’ll go with him.

“They spend time talking and not game-playing, which is what they needed. She’s a massive support and it means a lot to Tommy.

“She goes to see his family with him in Blackpool and she’s lovely to everyone.”

However, Chris also revealed that even at this point, Tommy’s still somewhat guarded around Tina, until he talks to his friend Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) who offers him some timely advice.

He said, “Tommy tells Jason that he feels bad because his granddad is dead, but all he can think about is Tina. Jason tells him to just go for it.

“Tommy worries that he’ll be taking advantage of the situation but, at the same time, Tina’s been thinking about Tommy, and they go looking for each other…”

So, the couple finally share their first kiss, and if that wasn’t a shock for Tommy, the news that his granddad left him a good deal of money certainly is!

Chris said, “He’s shocked. Tommy being Tommy goes and buys this clapped-out old camper van which is a nightmare.

“He wants to take Tina around the world but he doesn’t even know if she wants to go.”

This storyline will also reintroduce Nigel Pivaro as Tommy’s dad Terry Duckworth, and of that, Chris said, “I’m thrilled to bits. I watched the show for a long time before I was in it so I know a lot about Terry and just remember him being horrible.

“Everyone hated him, he was a real Corrie villain.

“I would like to think Tommy has got a bit of a dark side…”

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