Corrie star Chris Fountain reveals that Tommy Duckworth will be forced into a life of crime!

As fans of Corrie will know, Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro) has brought a whole world of pain crashing down on his son Tommy and of course on Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) but according to Chris Fountain, who of course plays Tommy, things are about to get a whole lot worse!

Last night, we heard Terry convincing Tommy that the only way to raise the £9k that loan shark Rick (Greg Wood) is demanding is to torch Seventh Heaven and claim on the insurance.

Not unreasonably, Tina was having none of it, and she tried to explain how stupid the plan is to Tommy, but the poor lad can see no other way round the situation, especially as Rick made it quite clear he’d hurt Tina if needs be.

But of course, Tina is about to put her life at risk in a bid to save Tommy from spiraling into criminality thanks to his dad’s scheming. However, nothing anyone can say or do stops Terry from doing a runner from Weatherfield, leaving Tommy very much holding the ticking time bomb baby of his debts…

Speaking to Soaplife about what’s coming up for Tommy, Chris began by saying, “Rick the loan shark comes calling and insists Terry’s debt is now Tommy’s debt.

“So many people warned Tommy how bad Terry is, but Tommy was blinded by the fact he’s his dad.

“He’s obviously gutted and feels stupid. He was manipulated into trusting Terry and now he’s been left with no money, a big debt to a loan shark and a girlfriend in a coma!

“And Tommy digs himself a bigger hole because when Tina wakes up he tells her that Terry and the loan sharks have gone, when the truth is Terry’s gone and Tommy has no way to pay Rick back.”

Chris went on to say that Tommy’s far to afraid of what Rick might do to Tina if he goes to the police to tell them what’s been going on, so instead, when Rick tells Tommy that he must get his job back at the garage, Tommy’s bemused as to why the loan shark cares if he’s employed or not.

But his reasons are about to become sickeningly clear…

Chris said, “Rick gives him a bag of cocaine he wants hidden in a car. Tommy’s horrified.

“He’s never been around anything like this before and he’s out of his depth. But he knows Rick means business and he has no choice.”

And of why Tommy doesn’t tell Tina what Rick’s made him do, Chris said, “He doesn’t tell her because he knows how much it would hurt her.

“It’s a big deal, but he’s blind to the consequences because he just wants to wipe the debt and get free of Rick.

“Tommy thinks it’s just one job, but then he gets more and more jobs from Rick and he realises there’s no release.

“It just keeps getting worse. Tommy ends up in really deep trouble.”

Poor Tommy!


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