Corrie star Chris Fountain says Tommy is STILL prepared to forgive dad Terry!

In last night’s trip to Weatherfield, we saw wicked Terry Duckworth – who’s played villainously well by Nigel Pivaro – pretending to his son Tommy that he had nothing to do with Tina McIntyre ending up in a coma…

But of course, he did, as she fell and hit her head during a scuffle with him. And he was just about to do a runner when Tommy turned up, prompting the ever resourceful Terry to immediately switch gears and claim he was looking for Tommy because he’d found Tina (Michelle Keegan) unconscious.

Then as if all that wasn’t evil enough, while Tommy anxiously awaited news on Tina’s condition in hospital, Terry lied that he’d had a text from loan shark Rick Whelan (Greg Wood) saying that Tommy would be “next.”

Terry then talked Tommy into going to “T’rone” (Alan Halsall) to ask for the £9k Terry owes Rick…

But even when the sordid truth about how Terry’s manipulated everyone concerned – and has left Tommy with his debts – comes out, Tommy’s still prepared to forgive his dad, and still wants him in his life.

Chris Fountain, who of course plays Tommy, has been talking about the storyline on the show’s official website.

He said, “Terry being Terry, the rogue that he is, you find out at the end of this week that he’s never had any regard for Tommy.

“He’s never had any feelings for him and he’s never had any intent of staying around and being his dad.

“After Tommy realises that it’s Terry who hurt Tina and not Rick, he’s furious to start off with, but then he’s still got that hope that his dad will stay around and be a part of his life.”

Chris added, “Obviously Tina’s the love of his life and she’s the first girl he’s fallen for.

“Yet his dad is his dad; it’s a blood relationship and it’s the only member of true family he’s got left.”

And finally, of the fact that when Terry does a runner from Weatherfield, Rick pursues Tommy for the debt, Chris said, “Tommy’s in a position he’s never been in before.

“There’s loan sharks, debts, money and people getting beaten up…

“He’s not quite sure what’s going on, but we’ve just got to see how he deals with it.”

Don’t miss the next episode of Corrie tonight, when we’ll get an update on how Tina’s doing!

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