Corrie star Jennie McAlpine says Fiz Stape “Makes it her mission” to save battered husband Tyrone Dobbs! (VIDEO)

by Lynn Connolly

As fans of Coronation Street will know, Fiz Stape has time and time again urged battered husband Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) to leave his nutty fiancé Kirsty Soames…

However, as Tyrone wants to ensure the safety of his daughter Ruby – who Kirsty has said she’ll take away from him if he ever leaves her – he’s refused to leave, and is currently working on a plan to make sure he’s got legal entitlements over Ruby and her welfare.

That plan involved proposing to Kirsty (Natalie Gumede) so that when they’re married, Tyrone has proper legal rights to Ruby.

We’ll see that drama play out in December, but for now, Tyrone is relying heavily on Fiz – who it’s rumoured he’s going to have an affair with soon – to be his confidant, and in an interview with What’s On TV, Jennie McAlpine, who of course plays Fiz, has revealed that her character will do whatever it takes to help Ty…

However, when Kirsty engineers an ‘accident’ at the factory that leaves Fiz needing hospital attention to her arm, Fiz realizes just how dangerous her adversary is.

Of that, Jennie said, “Fiz is quite a tough cookie, but she is very perturbed by Kirsty.

“You have to remember that Kirsty has not openly admitted that she caused the accident.

“Kirsty continues to look after Fiz and stays with her while she is treated at the hospital and even returns home with her.

“She is quite sinister and when she finally leaves, Fiz is quite shaken by Kirsty’s behaviour…

“Fiz has now seen how scary Kirsty can be with her own eyes.

“Fiz is not soft, she has spent time in prison before, but she has now seen what Tyrone has to cope with when Kirsty gets angry.”

Jennie continued, “Fiz really cares about Tyrone. Fiz is also very stubborn and has a sense of justice.

“She will probably want to see this through to the end – she wants the truth to come out.

“She wants Tyrone to be happy and feels this can never be the case while he is still involved with Kirsty.”

And though Jennie wouldn’t confirm that Fiz and Ty are going to become lovers, she did say, “It’s an interesting thought, they are really good mates.

“Tyrone has trusted her with his most important secret. Tyrone is safe in Fiz’s company.”

Here’s a sneak peek look at a confrontation between Fiz and Kirsty in tonight’s visit to the Street…

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