Corrie star Kate Ford says “Nobody believes Tracy’s really ill” when she collapses

As fans of Corrie will know, Toxic Tracy Luv Barlow will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and lying is second nature to her…

So all that history of crying wolf is about to work against her when she genuinely falls ill, but finds that nobody believes her!

Kate Ford, who plays the character we all love to hate, has been telling Soaplife about the storyline which sees Tracy facing a life or death crisis when her only kidney begins to fail due to an infection.

She began by saying, “Well, she’s feeling very ill, but no one believes her. She lets Emily down and Emily throws her out, refusing to believe that Tracy is really poorly.

“Tracy tries to go home, but Ken won’t take her back. He tells Deirdre she’s not ill, she’s crying wolf…”

But of course, Tracy really is poorly! Kate added, “She thinks she got food poisoning from Roy’s Rolls and demands to know if anybody else is feeling the same way.

“Then after she has left Roy’s, she has a row with Steve, who doesn’t believe she is ill, either.

“The next time we see her on screen, though, she has collapsed in the Barlows’ house.”

Tracy is rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where there’s worrying news…

Kate explained, “The doctors reveal she has a serious kidney infection and septicaemia, and for Tracy that’s serious because she only has one kidney [she had a kidney transplant in 1995 courtesy of Deirdre’s dying toy boy husband Samir].

“Everyone feels awful. Ken has persuaded Deidre that Tracy was lying about being ill because he’s sick of watching Tracy twist Deidre round her little finger, so both of them feel really guilty.

“Even Steve is gutted he didn’t listen to her, especially as she’s Amy’s mum. They have been through a lot together.”

Kate went on to reveal that when Steve (Simon Gregson) is at the hospital visiting Tracy, she becomes convinced that he’s declaring his love for her!

She said, “She is heavily sedated when Steve visits and always slightly delusional when it comes to him, anyway.

“He tells her he will always care for her – meaning because she’s Amy’s mum, but she totally misreads the signals.

“The next time he visits, she starts asking when they’ll be moving in together!”

Poor Steve! I can’t wait to see how he gets out of THAT one!

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