Corrie star Kate Ford says Tracy Barlow’s still manipulative, even at death’s door!

Coronation Street star Kate Ford has told Inside Soap that when her Corrie character Tracy Barlow falls ill with a potentially fatal kidney infection, the fact that she could be at death’s door doesn’t stop her using the situation to her own advantage.

As to her illness, fans may recall that in 1994, Tracy was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with massive kidney failure after she took an Ecstasy tablet in a nightclub.

She was then told by doctors that her only hope was a kidney transplant, which led to her mum Deirdre’s (Anne Kirkbride) new toy boy husband Samir Rachid offering one of his own kidneys.

However, just hours before the operation was to take place, Samir was beaten to death, but Deirdre told medics to go ahead and remove Samir’s kidneys to save her daughter…

Here’s a reminder of the heartbreaking moment Deirdre said goodbye to Samir…






So of course, as Tracy now has only one kidney, when she contracts an infection in upcoming episodes, it sees her in a precarious situation in intensive care, and understandably her mum is fraught with anxiety.

But as mentioned, even facing a life or death battle, when Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) visits Tracy in hospital, she takes it as a sign that he cares about her, and of course, she’s spent years trying to get into a relationship with Steve.

Kate said, “Tracy’s obsession with Steve will last until the end of time. She’s more than slightly delusional where Steve is concerned.

“And she has much more trouble to cause before then!”

Some of that trouble will come when Tracy suspects that Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) wants Steve back.

And of what Tracy’s reaction would be if Michelle and Steve became an item again, Kate said, “She’d go utterly ballistic! We’ve seen how Tracy’s behaved in the past when it comes to Steve and other women.

“She nearly destroyed poor Becky’s life. Plus, she’s well aware that Michelle is an attractive woman – so she’d definitely see her as stiff competition!”

Tune in next week to see how Tracy convinces herself yet again that Steve is destined to be hers!

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