Corrie star Michelle Collins on Stella’s fury when she learns of Karl’s gambling debts

In forthcoming episodes of Coronation Street, Stella Price is set to face the horror of having bailiffs turn up at the Rovers…

And when she gets to the bottom of what’s been going on, namely the fact that her boyfriend Karl Munro (John Michie) has not only been stealing from her and the pub, he’s also got thousands of pounds of debt, she’s devastated to learn she might lose the business.

Things begin to go the way of the pear for Karl when he steals from the safe at the pub, and an oblivious Stella believes they’ve had a break in, so she of course calls the police.

However, it’s not long before she finds out the truth and kicks Karl out, but again, unbeknownst to Stella, he runs right into Sunita Alahan’s (Shobna Gulati) arms as their affair reaches a new level…

Michelle Collins, who of course plays Stella, told Soaplife that until the whole house of cards – pun intended – comes crashing down, Stella had no idea that Karl had a gambling problem.

She said, “She’s blissfully ignorant. She knows he likes a little flutter at the bookies occasionally, but she doesn’t think that’s out of the ordinary and certainly doesn’t think he has any type of problem.”

So then safe is robbed, and the bailiffs turn up at the pub. Of that, Michelle said, “Karl is responsible [for the robbery] but he stages a break-in and she thinks it may be one of her staff who’s taken the money.

“She doesn’t suspect Karl at all [but] Stella’s really angry when the bailiffs arrive wanting to take things to cover Karl’s debts. She had no idea they owed money to anyone.

“Then she starts to piece things together and it all falls into place. Only then does she think, ‘Oh my God it was Karl who staged the robbery’.

Eva gets money from Nick to pay off the bailiffs and Stella is really grateful.”

Michelle went on to say that Stella then looks into her own and Karl’s finances, and is devastated by what she discovers.

She said, “She feels angry and humiliated. She throws Karl out in front of a packed pub, calling him a pathetic, lying scumbag. It’s a very public breakdown.

”She hasn’t had her name above the door for long. She thinks she is going to lose everything.”

Michelle went on to say that when Karl makes a groveling apology and swears he’ll never gamble again, Stella takes him back, but it doesn’t take long for her to realize that was a mistake.

She said, “He apologises to her for the mess he’s got them in, but then she finds out he has been betting again almost the minute after she takes him back.

“This really does break Stella’s heart. How can she ever trust him again?”

Finally, of the fact that Karl and Sunita are having an affair, Michelle said that Stella yet again has no idea.

She said, “Stella doesn’t suspect a thing. Why would she? She calls round to Sunita’s as she’s been really horrible to her, suspecting her over the missing money.

“She wants to confide in her and to apologise for the way she’s behaved towards her.”

We’ll see that drama play out as of next week.

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