Corrie star Michelle Keegan explains Tina McIntyre’s decision to have a baby for Gary and Izzy!

by Lynn Connolly

Fans of Coronation Street will no doubt have heard that Tina McIntyre is set to offer to have a baby for Gary Windass and his partner Izzy Armstrong after the couple’s plan to have Izzy’s sister Katy carry their baby goes awry.

As we reported recently, Katy (Georgia May Foote) and Izzy’s dad Owen somehow scuppers their surrogacy plan, however, because he feels guilty that Izzy (Cherylee Houston) and Gary (Mikey North) will be left childless, he offers to pay thousands of pounds to pay someone else to have their baby.

And that’s where cash strapped Tina comes in because she sees it as the answer to her and boyfriend Tommy Duckworth’s financial problems.

Realizing that it would be enough to pay off their loan – Tommy of course borrowed £9k from Tyrone Dobbs – and pay back the pizza company boss for the van Tommy wrote off, she discusses the idea with Tommy, (Chris Fountain) but he’s far from supportive…

Michelle Keegan, who of course plays Tina, has been talking to Soaplife about the plotline, and she began by saying, “Owen mentions that Izzy and Gary are looking at other surrogacy options as Katy is now not having their baby.

“Tina has an idea and the money aspect of it all is what motivates her. She knows Gary and Izzy are struggling.

“Being a nice person, Tina naturally wants to help them out but, first and foremost, she sees she can make some money out of being a surrogate.

“She needs to get her and Tommy out of debt and this is one way she can do that.”

However, Michelle revealed that when Tina tells Owen (Ian Puleston Davies) she’ll do it, she does so without first consulting Tommy.

She said, “[Tommy’s] not happy. He obviously thought that if and when Tina was to have a baby it would be theirs.”

Michelle then revealed that Tommy gives Tina an ultimatum; it’s the baby or him.

Of that, she said, “It’s a dangerous ultimatum to put to Tina. Wanting the money isn’t only about Tommy.

“She saw her father suffer so badly because of his own financial woes and she sees this as a fresh start.

“She may well choose the surrogacy over Tommy!”

We’ll find out of course later this year!

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